Why It Matters – The September 12th Show

Why It Matters – The September 12th Show

America’s Human Trafficking Epidemic

        An ugly, depraved reality in 2019:

Human/sex trafficking is a vast criminal enterprise in America

        Human/sex traffickers MUST be uncovered, prosecuted, and locked up. Citizens can help by knowing what to watch for.

        Moral depravity and human trafficking may have always been part of this world, but its prevalence in America is a stain on our culture and goodness.

The good news:  Good people ARE standing up

Check out deliverfund.org


Asylum, SCOTUS & Benghazi Islamic Smugglers 

        The very fact that the Supreme Court had to issue a ruling clarifying for the lower courts that the President has authority to deny entry to any foreign national, which is long-standing law, is a sign of how radically the Left has decimated the rule of law  

        The U.S. Senate should immediately pass legislation confirming that lower federal courts have no authority outside their own jurisdictions. 

        Arrest in the U.S. of Bangladeshi smugglers, and existence of an international smuggling network, and Bangladesh’s Islamic jihadist population, underscores that this and other border security rulings are vital. These are national security issues.


Justice for General Flynn? 

        Sidney Powell’s motion to compel Brady material, demanding that the govt produce all documents germane to Flynn’s defense, puts the ball squarely in Judge Sullivan’s court:

Ø Will he step up & hold govt lawyers in contempt & possibly jail them?

Ø Stand by for the next hearing, September 24th


        Powell’s representation of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn is putting the spotlight on the government’s dishonest and unethical behavior, not only as to Flynn, but as to the entire “exonerate-Hillary-frame-Trump motivation” of the FBI and DOJ (and CIA!) 

The rule of law in America is on trial in this case

A huge segment of the American people KNOW IT