Larry Elder looks like the the CA Governor if Newsom is much confidence will Californians have in the election result? Tune in to hear Alveda King...always an inspiring voice on the subject of race and racism.

Why It Matters – The September 14th Show

Why It Matters – The September 14th Show

Newsom Recall Vote:  Elder Rising


  • Larry Elder takes overwhelming polling lead over alternatives to Newsom

Leftist race card goes whacko:  Elder is ‘the black face of white supremacy

  • Mail-in voting is being used; abuse is almost certain
  • Stories of voting irregularities proliferating…

Voters going to the polls for early voting…

…told that records show they have already voted (canvassing need?)

  • Late polls conditioning (?) for acceptance of Newsom survival

California recall vote is crystallizing the fundamental need for election integrity

Will Californians have confidence in the integrity of the recall vote result?

If little or no confidence in election results…Democracy dies