Why It Matters – The September 14th Show

Why It Matters – The September 14th Show

Biden’s Inflation Reduction Fantasy


Biden conducts staged WH ‘celebration’ of Inflation Reduction Act…James Taylor singing?

  • As inflation >8% rages on, and is spreading and rising
  • As stock market declines 4% in one day, on negative economic news (including inflation)
  • And IRA includes $369B to fight ‘climate change’
    • Goal to reduce emissions 40% by 2030 is not achievable and not necessary

Inflation Reduction Act did ZERO to reduce inflation…and every sentient citizen knows it

  • Inflation causes real pain to millions of real Americans – gas, rent, utilities, groceries – and it is getting worse

Biden admin’s treatment of the America people as stupid…knows no bounds

…but is being noticed, every day

Red wave in November may overwhelm election cheating


FBI’s Stasi Raids & Danchenko Duplicity


FBI tracks Mike Lindell to a fast food drive-thru and seizes his phone

  • FBI never raided Jeffrey Epstein
  • FBI never raided Hunter Biden

FBI paid a Russian spy (Danchenko) to provide information to frame Trump…let that sink in

FBI paid a Russian spy to provide information to frame a duly elected President

FBI has become a national travesty…nothing but an enforcement arm against political opponents of the Biden regime…seeking to silence spreading concerns re election fraud

Govt cannot convert untruth into truth, and then demand submission to untruth

But that’s what the FBI is trying to do with: ‘white supremacy’, J6 ‘insurrection’

and ‘safe and secure’ 2020 election

….they will fail, but at what cost to the nation?


FBI’s Election Fraud Cover Up Mission?


Biden admin driving all federal agencies to register voters

  • Inflating voter rolls is the critical first step to rigging elections per Dr. Doug Frank and Captain Seth Keshel

Raids on 30-50 prominent Trump supporters, including Lindell, is pure intimidation tactic

Overwhelming evidence of Chinese infiltration of “Konnech”—involved in 2020 US election records and processes—remains uninvestigated by FBI…why?

FBI is using every tactic imaginable to enforce the 2020 election result as legitimate, and silence anyone who questions it

  • Why should they need to do that, if Joe Biden was the most popular president in US history, with 81 million votes?

The FBI must be dismantled – It has failed the American people


Q&A Wednesday: The Queen?


The American heritage includes a visceral dislike of rule by monarchy

  • A major cause of the split from Great Britain in 1776

Elizabeth was born into royalty (not her choice)

  • Not without flaws and misjudgments and royal coverups
  • But also 70 years with a sense of honor and dignity and fidelity to the British people

Queen Elizabeth’s reign spanned an incredible range of history

…she was consistent and true to her sense of service

King Charles’ open embrace of globalism, climate change, and the Great Reset do not bode well for him to live up to his mother’s standard for what is and is not the appropriate business and role of a ceremonial monarch

Will Brits embrace ‘long live the King’?