Why It Matters – The September 14th Show

Why It Matters – The September 14th Show

Katie Hopkins Breaks Into America


Katie Hopkins is a Brit who deeply understands Western Civilization, the UK and America

Devoting 3 months in USA to speak up for saving America…she understands first-hand:

  • The ravages of runaway socialism
  • The dangers of Islamization of western culture
  • The last barrier to freedom’s collapse…represented by President Trump

The good news from Katie–

  • Her speaking events in the USA are well-attended, even in California—and by patriots relieved and energized by her message
  • She’ll be speaking at the American Women + American Freedom Conf.!

            Email me at [email protected] if you’re interested!


Netflix ’Cuties’ Porn


“Cuties” is a Netflix movie portraying 11 year old girls in sexually explicit and suggestive ways

  • A classic issue that RINOs avoid, but real conservative LEADERS must confront
  • Low taxes, limited govt and strong defense’ don’t matter if the culture is lost to moral rot
  • “Cuties” reflects the Left’s bizarre notion that the stripper culture is empowering for women/girls
  • Senator Cruz has called for DOJ investigation of whether laws violated re production and distribution of child porn…Cruz met with usual mockery from the Twitter left
  • Susan Rice is on the Netflix Board, and Barack and Michelle O make millions from Netflix


AMERICANS must get engaged if the culture is to be repaired; most current politicians just don’t     have the fortitude to stand up for morality…they’ve given up

                        But they will find a backbone if the people give it to them


Sex-Ed and Cultural Marxism


“Comprehensive Sexuality Education” for world’s children is the latest leftist initiative

  • Not about biology or birth control, but about advocacy for sexual exploration
  • Ignore efforts to label objections as prudery; children deserve innocence to be             protected and preserved…CSE is simple amoral indoctrination
  • CSE is purposeful; it is funded by Planned Parenthood (among others)

Marxist Antonio Gramsci/leftists figured out that to take down America and Christianity, they needed to overwhelm it with amoral socialism, to pound away at Christian morality as outdated, to find weak Christian leaders to capitulate and re-interpret the Bible’s teachings so as to avoid pop culture criticism   THIS IS CULTURAL MARXISM’s ATTACK

     Americans must rise up and resist; a CSE culture will have no guardrails


Cops Shot:  BLM Chants Death


Ambush in LA leads to two officers shot in the head

  • BLM activists block hospital access, chant in support of death for the officers
  • No one in ‘official’ BLM denounces this
  • Where is Lebron James’ tweet denouncing this?
  • Where is the NBA’s or NFL’s tweet denouncing this?
  • Catholic church in NYC urges parishioners to support BLM and renounce white privilege (Demonstrating cultural Marxism demolishing Church’s Biblical focus & replacing it with SJW agenda)
    • It is NOT difficult to see BLM for the Marxist organization it is
    • They must rise in support of all lives; they must resist BLM’s ongoing attempted Marxist overthrow of America be stopped