Interpreting election results is a fool's errand if elections are rigged. Tune in to hear Dr. Angelina Farella, a Board certified pediatrician, on the subject of vaccinating children.

Why It Matters – The September 15th Show

Why It Matters – The September 15th Show

Newsom Recall Vote


  • Viral CNN video captures real-time reduction of Larry Elder vote total by over 350,000

EXACTLY the same thing that happened in 2018 election results in Kentucky Gov. race.

Answers needed …

  • No CA official answers for multiple reports of false ‘already-voted’ records
  • Huge late surge of Newsom’s popularity in CA…really?
  • This is the danger flowing from loss of confidence in election integrity…

The relentless left-right spinning of the meaning of results…is rendered absolutely

meaningless yet dangerously manipulative if election results are not honest

Did Newsom really win going away?
Are his left-wing policies really surging in popularity?

Millions of Americans have serious doubts