Why It Matters – The September 16th Show

Why It Matters – The September 16th Show

Katie Hopkins – “We Miss Noise”


ACWT friend (and AW+AF Speaker!) Katie Hopkins knows better than most—

  • The spirit of Western Civilization
  • The spirit of freedom
  • The spirit of America

Her spirit-lifting tour of America is moving hearts and minds…

…reminding Americans of who we are!

We miss noise” – ’life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ is supposed to be

joyous, raucous, filled with human interaction and connection

Americans have had enough of arbitrary extension of covid lockdowns

 If you’d like to hear Katie speak:  email me at [email protected]


“Sowing Racial Hatred” – CRT Rolls On


Insidious teaching began with Obama under the label ‘diversity and inclusion’ training

            Accept:  America is systemically racist

Accept:  ‘White privilege’ defines the entirety of life in America

Denounce:  Hard work, perseverance & other success habits as ‘white male culture’

CRT is effectively teaching Americans to hate each other based on skin color

This is evil; it is anti-American…and President Trump is right to end it

‘Trained Marxists’ have always sought to use the wedge of racism to accomplish the Marxist overthrow of the Constitution and freedom

BLM is NOT about helping ‘black lives’ it is about using black lives

            to destroy America and freedom—for all Americans


Watch ‘Social Dilemma’ Film


Americans must wake up to the unique-in-all-human-history dangers of social media

  • Not just about dysfunctional families glued to smartphones
  • Not just about depression induced by not enough ‘friends’ and ‘likes’
  • It’s about unleashing—without much thought of consequences—the most massive capability of mental manipulation ever to be in the hands of any group of human beings
    • They know EVERYTHING you do (and, effectively, think) online

Google started with the motto:  “Don’t be evil

Now they (& FB & Twitter) are engaged, daily, in imposing thought control across the world

This is pure evil, though they think they are insisting on ‘right’ thought

            Breaking up their monopolies is not enough to defuse the danger

   Americans must insist on better answers that will defuse this danger to freedom