Why It Matters – The September 18th Show

Why It Matters – The September 18th Show

Left-wing Radical “Women’s” March

        The anti-American Left does NOT stand for women – Reject their “Women’s March” Label

        This is a Left-wing march of men & women who support anti-Semitic & anti-American goals.  American women do NOT support the “Hate Israel” message

        Support #FeminExit – Savvy Women Walking Away from Leftism

Women! stand and speak up to preserve America and American liberty

The messages of my 2012 book “Ladies, Can We Talk? America needs our Vote” are just as imperative today


Medicines Made in China

        American dependence on medicines and core chemical components made in China is a national security risk

        America currently has no capacity to manufacture our every-day antibiotics.

        Most doctors don’t even know where the prescription drugs and their components, were manufactured.

Read China RX, by Rosemary Gibson

Then spread the word.


Donna Brazile and Race-Baiting

Brazile admits: “I get in trouble” for refusing to label Trump a racist

Brazile was the DNC Chairwoman and a long-time Hillary supporter

Americans MUST understand, now and forever

Ø The fomenting of racial tension and division is a deliberate political tactic of the Left

Ø It is dangerous and poisonous to American culture…which is why the Left does it

Ø The Democrats will use it as long as it manipulates people



Parkland Father on a Mission

        Parkland father Andrew Pollack KNOWS the Parkland massacre which claimed his daughter Meadow’s life,  was avoidable, if only common sense instead of political correctness shaped school discipline policy

        He is waking America up from the politically correct moral idiocy that says NO suspensions or expulsions for bad behavior, unless violence is involved, because those policies endanger everyone.

        Substituting “restorative justice” & “healing circles” for real discipline drives down test scores, increases violence, and fails to attach consequences for behavior for students

Schools, teachers, kids and America deserve better!