Why It Matters – The September 1st Show

Why It Matters – The September 1st Show

Trump to Kenosha


Political disconnect:

  • Many Citizens of Kenosha will welcome Trump’s visit in 2020
  • Dem Governor of Wisconsin and Kenosha mayor are leftists discouraging Trump’s visit
  • The new leftist spin: rioting is Trump’s fault; he is stirring things up; Biden will calm things

Facts put the lie to leftist spin

  • 102 out of 175 arrested Kenosha protesters were NOT residents of Kenosha
  • Rioting is bought and paid for; NOT authentic; NOT evidence of uniform discontent
  • Blake violently fought officers, had sexual assault warrant and restraining order against him
  • Biden made first denouncement of riots yesterday…only because polls compelled it

              DEMS OWN this violence and rioting…all of it in DEM-run cities

    DEM DA’s freeing criminals and excusing them:  did looters need the loot?

         A Trump landslide is building; Dems humoring of anarchy is insane


Justice Delayed:  Michael Flynn vs. Emmet Sullivan


Court of Appeals ruling arguably only procedural

Gives Sullivan one more chance to do the right thing…but little reason to think he will

DOJ said there is more undisclosed evidence proving Flynn’s innocence and FBI’s culpability

Everyone knows this is a political hit job on Flynn for disagreeing with Obama and signing up to work with Trump

There is no precedent in 200+ years of American law justifying Sullivan’s behavior

Judges are NOT prosecutors

The rule of law is on life support in America; Barr is running out of time to repair it

60+ million Trump supporters will have no reason to trust the DOJ or FBI…

            …EVER AGAIN

     If they get away with framing a 3-star general, what can they do to you?