Why It Matters – The September 20th Show

Why It Matters – The September 20th Show

UK & Royal Reparations: Don Lemon Sour


Don Lemon in TV interview uses Queen Elizabeth’s passing to raise the question of reparations against British monarchy for ‘colonialism’

British spokeswoman replies with unexpected firmness and clarity

  • Great Britain was the first country to abolish slavery (William Wilberforce)
  • Reparations should be sought from the first link in the slavery supply chain:

The black African kings who sold their own people into slavery

  • Reparations should be paid to families of GB soldiers who died to help end slave trade

Don Lemon totally befuddled by British spokeswoman…had no clue about this true history

Lemon is a product of leftwing narrative indoctrination

It would be funny if it were isolated to Lemon…but it’s a huge segment of miseducated public

Untruth met with truth…untruth will eventually fall

Americans must rise and speak truth about America, NOW


BYU Volleyball Fallout


Viral claim of racial epithet shouted at Duke/BYU women’s v-ball game deserves attention

  • Thorough investigation by BYU of game videos shows no evidence of any such shout
  • Students yelling racial slurs in close public settings in a USA university in 2022 seems unlikely, but not impossible. A culture of suspicion has been created by leftists, and FBI/DOJ/Biden/legacy media’s incessant claims about ‘systemic racism’ in America. Some racism exists in every race, but the endless exaggerated hype is false– and leads to division, suspicion & resentment.
  • Race is a tender topic. It is possible, maybe likely, that Duke player believes that’s what she heard. – But what’s the answer when no proof of wrongdoing is found?
  • We need same standard for everyone – is “accused is always guilty” & “accuser must always be believed” the new standard we apply to all? Where is due process in that?

UNC [correction:  U. So. Carolina] coach deciding to punish BYU despite NO evidence, sets bad precedent.


Impact of Othering … Fear of MAGA vs Fear of Socialists


Marxism/socialism DEPENDS on dividing society into groups fighting each other

“Othering” is the word for demonizing/scapegoating a group

Hitler ‘othered’ the Jews…made them to blame for ills of society

Biden admin, FBI/DOJ are determined to achieve ‘othering’ as to MAGA supporters

‘threat to the republic’…’threat to our way of life’

Biden admin, FBI/DOJ will FAIL in this effort

  • MAGA supporters are ordinary Americans who want to Make America Great Again
  • Elitist leftists demonize MAGA because it stands in the way of their Marxist agenda
  • Honest Americans know honest patriots who love their country…that’s MAGA supporters

  Americans SEE Socialism as the enemy

Because it is the enemy of freedom