The September 18 "Women for Freedom" Summit was a spectacular success...will be sharing highlights over several shows. A parliamentarian has blocked Dems' amnesty trick for now. Mark Milley is under fire, and should be, and should be terminated as a result. Americans aren't stupid, and they are fed up with elitist leaders.

Why It Matters – The September 20th Show

Why It Matters – The September 20th Show

SUMMIT Smashing Success – MORE to come


Sept. 18 Women for Freedom Summit – powerful and memorable

Speaker highlights will be reviewed over the next several shows…

  • Professor David Clements – we ALL must find our courage
  • Xi Van Fleet – we ALL must see the Marxist revolution for what it is and what it does
  • Attendees grateful for info but even more, for fellowship with like-minded patriots
    • There really are overwhelmingly more patriots than there are Marxists
    • But patriots have no time to waste; they must engage/resist peacefully at every level

Sleeper highlight:  after listening all day…a liberal/left A/V staffer becomes a patriot!

Truth attracts, and truth will win

                       But we must stand up, speak up and insist that truth be honored


DEMS Amnesty Blocked For Now


Senate parliamentarian rules ‘amnesty’ cannot properly be combined into a spending bill

The ruling reflects common sense

But the fact that a ruling even had to be made is a window on radical left ruthlessness

  • Open borders, overwhelming education, healthcare, law enforcement is a GOAL
  • Amnesty for the flood of illegal immigrants is intended to create DEM voters
  • For radical left’s Marxist revolution – the end justifies ANY means
  • Slipping amnesty into legislation that is intended for other purposes is a measure of how desperate and determined the left is to transform and destroy America as founded

No excuse for any pro-America politician to fail to see what is happening

The radical left must be resisted, rejected, and defeated


Milley Under Fire


  • Leftist rationalizations for Milley’s treasonous tip-off of an enemy:

Just an ordinary part of the job of the Chair of the Jt. Chiefs

Everybody hated Trump, so sabotaging Trump is never treason

  • Milley’s handling of the drone strike that killed innocent civilians but had been hailed by Milley and the media as a brilliant Biden counterstrike after 13 US soldiers killed…adding to loss of trust of Milley
  • Mark Milley should have already resigned or been fired and court-martialed

He apparently believes the left’s control of MSM will protect him…will it?

‘TDS’ made a decorated soldier into a modern Benedict Arnold

How will the Trump haters cope when election fraud is fully exposed?


Rules for Thee, NOT for me


What do the following have in common?

  • Obama’s birthday party
  • Pelosi’s Napa Valley fundraiser
  • AOC’s MET gala ‘tax the rich’ dress
  • The Emmy’s

Leftist politicians and celebrities widely photographed – NOT WEARING MASKS

Service and wait staff at every occasion – ALL WEARING MASKS

When leftists scream ‘elitist’ and ‘racist’ at patriots – this is what is called ‘PROJECTION

Falsely accusing others of what you are guilty of yourself, a/k/a hypocrisy

Americans have seen enough and had enough of dem projection and hypocrisy

Change is coming