Biden at the UN did not voice the path America wants. Project Veritas has released a whistleblower video from a high level nurse. Is the Biden administration really deporting Haitians? America did not vote for what Biden is doing; they didn't vote Biden in as president either.

Why It Matters – The September 21st Show

Why It Matters – The September 21st Show

Biden vs Trump @ the UN


  • Trump at the UN in 2017:

American ‘sovereignty’ …mentioned 19 times

  • Biden at the UN in 2021:

“Sovereignty” mentioned once, in relation to Palestinians needing a sovereign state

Climate change mentioned 17 times

Covid vaccines imperative for the world

Latest medical input suggests (1) C-19 vaccines of no efficacy with ‘Delta’—which is a new virus and not a mutation; and (2) original C-19 virus has dissipated

The ruling Biden cabal is pro-UN, pro New World Order…

yet there is no polling or other evidence suggesting that Americans share this view

…Americans never rejected MAGA


HHS VAX Whistleblower


Project Veritas latest release…

High level nurse at fed govt-managed hospital turns whistleblower

  • Vaccine ‘full of s***’
  • Adverse reactions not being reported
  • Nurse colleague worked thru pandemic without vaccine…then forced to take vaccine to keep her job…dies after jab
  • Medical hierarchy remains adamant/rigid/tyrannical about mandating vaccines
  • Whistleblower will likely lose her job, but is standing up and speaking out

Medical science appears completely politicized in 2021

Americans are rapidly losing trust in the medical profession


Deporting Haitians (?) – Ramping up Catch & Release


  • Bipartisan pillorying of the Biden administration for border collapse

Nobody supports this except radical leftists intent on taking down America

  • Optics of 10,000 Haitians potentially welcomed at the southern border, while Cubans fleeing communism are threatened against entering the US…not looking good for Biden

Now MSM reports of Biden admin deporting Haitians back to Haiti

Same time whistleblower reporting “Catch & Release” into US Heartland


Biden spoke up 4 months ago on the dangers in Haiti (signaling a welcome from the USA)

10,000 Haitians did not arrive at the US southern border without deliberate funding/support

Does anyone really believe a thorough deportation effort of Haitians is underway?

            ….especially when ‘catch and release’ is being re-implemented?


America DID NOT VOTE for this


Even most Trump-haters do NOT want the destruction of America

…and 80 million MAGA voters definitely don’t want the destruction of America

                        …but that’s what’s happening

  • Southern border abandonment; zero border security
  • Afghan surrender; abandonment of Americans and military equipment
  • Mandatory vaccines; vaccination passports; masked school-children
  • Critical race theory taught everywhere
  • Oblivion-levels of proposed govt spending…with attempted sneak-in of amnesty
  • Defunding police
  • Dismantling the US military (thru Marxism/CRT and mandatory vaccination)
  • Permanent destruction of all paths to election integrity

If 9/24 results of AZ audit lead to decertification of electors…

what will happen next?