Why It Matters – The September 21st Show

Why It Matters – The September 21st Show

An ‘Othering’ Murder


North Dakota man uses vehicle to run over, kill 18 year old…

…because the 18 year old was part of a Republican ‘extremist’ group

  • Absolutely nothing to support claim of ‘extremist’

This is a DIRECT result and predictable outcome of Joe Biden’s ‘othering’ speeches

  • Biden is publicly accusing all MAGA supporters of being a threat to America
  • There are unhinged, unstable people who take Biden seriously, and act

This was murder with political disagreement acknowledged as the motive

…and the political disagreement was the product of lies from the Biden admin

  • Such a murder should have no place in America, but ND GOP AG yet to file murder charges…
  • Americans must NOT look away: this is willful, deliberate division and destruction of America, caused by the Biden admin

                 “We the people” must rescue this country from Anti-American nihilism


Visa & Mastercard: Aiding & Abetting Tyranny


Credit card giants—on their own, one with UN urging—move to issue special credit cards

  • VISA to track expenditures on Second Amendment merchandise (guns and ammo)
  • Master Card ALREADY has a card that tracks expenditures impacting user’s carbon footprint

Purpose to alert cc users when to stop purchases—e.g., too much carbon emissions

Amazing to behold a company kowtowing to the UN/leftist cabal/federal govt

  • 24 State AG’s have cautioned Visa to let legislatures make laws, not private companies
  • Public uproar and AG’s warning may dampen Visa and MC enthusiasm … but the left will keep up pressure

This fits with the historical concept of ‘fascism’

  • Merger of govt and corporate interests to enforce national policy and regulation

     Americans MUST relearn what freedom means or it will be lost


Biden Cancels Christmas & Other Economic News


Catastrophic economic data piling up around the world

  • Housing, food, utilities, gasoline using up all income of millions of people
  • Nothing left for discretionary purchasing, including Christmas giving
  • Big retailers scaling way back in anticipation of collapsing demand this holiday season

Parallels to the 1930’s

  • Crisis, chaos and shortages used to promote govt takeover/replacement of capitalism, with massive increase in govt dependence
  • Fed interest rate hikes just adding to catastrophe…justification to tamp down consumer demand is delusional pretending—i.e., consumer demand has collapsed b/c of govt policy

Biden admin marching forward with ‘central bank digital currency’ which effectively guarantees the eventual govt control of how individuals are allowed to spend money

The all-out leftist assault on freedom is unmistakable

Americans MUST wake up and defeat it, or freedom will be lost