Why It Matters – The September 21st Show

Why It Matters – The September 21st Show

BLM and the Death of Jake Gardner


Omaha bar owner Jake Gardner (former Marine; Trump supporter)–

Defends his bar 5/30 after BLM rioters break windows, shove Gardner’s father

Surrounded by rioters, jumped by one

Fires warning shots, then shoots rioter, who dies

Most of this captured on video from surveillance camera; undisputed

Omaha DA finds self-defense; no charges

BLM mob demands outside review; DA caves; black prosecutor indicts

Arrest warrant issued; Gardner to be charged with some form of homicide

Gardner sets up GoFundMe for legal expenses; taken down by GFM; Gardner commits suicide this past weekend



Antifa/BLM – Are We Allowed to Fight Back?


MSM, academia, entertainment industry and professional sports have combined to create an illusion Antifa/BLM are righteous movements beyond criticism or questioning

Portland into 100 days in a row of rioting and breaking windows…no arrests; ‘vandalism under investigation’; mayor prohibits use of tear gas to disperse crowds

The danger to American society from indulging anarchy and lies must be defused

Antifa/BLM are radical left/Marxist/overthrow America movements

They are NOT about civil rights; they are about anarchy

They are NOT righteous; they are aggressively godless

DOJ is moving to end federal funding to cities that won’t protect citizens

            Time to introduce Israeli stink-bombs?


RBG and Justice for Women


Don’t buy into the RBG lovefest/feminist icon narrative…

RBG can be respected for consistently standing up for what she believed

The RBG/Scalia friendship was authentic; a positive example of civility amid disagreement

But RBG did not stand up for women…she stood up for liberalism–the leftist’ vision of women

  • Women must be drafted, just like men
  • Women must be in combat, just like men
  • Prisons must be sex-integrated—no differences between men and women
  • Prostitution must be legalized—must be no stigma for women
  • Abortion without limit


RBG occupied a seat on SCOTUS; she did NOT own it and neither does her

judicial philosophy own it….Trump is right to appoint a replacement