Why It Matters – The September 22nd Show

Why It Matters – The September 22nd Show

YouTube Experts vs Harvard Doctors


  • YouTube permanently bans ACWT on the grounds of “covid misinformation” for explaining a law school professor’s opposition to masks and vaccine mandates
  • At the same time….new Florida Surgeon General – Harvard educated ‘expert’

Speaking medical science truth and not YouTube-approved truth

Vaccination is not the only path

Vaccination is not a religion

People are sovereign and have human rights that must be respected

Leftwing firestorm erupts if anyone won’t bow to totalitarian thought-control

Americans MUST recognize and reject Big Tech totalitarianism

Time to break them up?


Time for Patriotic Thinkers: Communism Spreading


45 Goals of Communism first read into Cong. Record in 1963…among them:

Take over public schools

Denigrate American history

Take over one of the political parties

Infiltrate the press

Infiltrate churches

Preach ‘social religion’ as a replacement for revealed religion

All of this is happening right in front of our eyes…communism is patient and persistent

            Are Americans too ‘addicted to comfort’ to recognize what is happening?

              And if they recognize it, are they too addicted to comfort to fight back?

                                    We are going to find out, sooner rather than later


Ben & Jerry’s DEFUND Police


  • “Change is Brewing” flavor all about contributing to Cori Bush’ defund the police efforts
  • B & J has always been proudly left-wing

…but do their customers really want to defund cops?

  • Defunding police is ultimately about dismantling American society

…do B & J customers really want to dismantle American society?

  • B&J can make whatever flavors they want and support whatever organizations they want

…but customers don’t have to buy…will they?

Corporate America has bowed to leftist mobs, wrongly believing they are the majority

Will American patriots force them to rethink?


AOC: You Can’t Own That!


AOC protests the end of ‘eviction moratorium’…why can’t renters just stay w/o paying rent?

  • This is the audacity and lunacy of communism
  • This makes the ‘solution’ an all-powerful govt deciding who lives where
  • This leads to the end of private property…can’t make property ownership work without payment obligations under law
  • This is exactly what Klaus Schwab called for w/Covd-19 and the Great Reset

“You will own nothing, and you will be happy about it”

Communism necessarily eviscerates the individual as sovereign and free and responsible

The masses are what’s left, and they are controlled

Americans must reject AOC and everything she represents


Covid Tyranny


  • Melbourne police in riot gear confronting Australian covid lockdown protestors

Protestors are simply working people who want to work

This is what can happen when a nation’s citizens give up their arms

  • USC Law School Dean encourages students to snitch on students not ‘hydrating’ at the right place in the right way

An American culture supporting snitches?  So does communism

  • NY restaurants protesting vaccination passports…people just want to eat

Once a vaccination passport/permission concept starts, it will never stop and it will never be limited…it will only expand as a means of control

Americans—we the people—must insist on NO vaccination passports