Why It Matters – The September 22nd Show

Why It Matters – The September 22nd Show

SCOTUS – Senate Stands Ready


Word is out…Graham, others say Senate ‘has the votes’ to confirm SCOTUS nominee

This is exactly as it should be—

  • “We the people” gave WH to Trump and Senate majority to GOP
  • Constitution: President nominates to fill vacancy; Senate role: advise and consent
  • Top names Amy Coney Barrett and Barbara Lagoa already recently confirmed by Senate

(Lagoa received 80 affirmative Senate votes!)

  • Constitution does not require a Senate hearing, and Senate ought to dispense with any …Kavanaugh nomination proved hearings are unserious, political circus of staged lies, obfuscation and delay; grotesque mistreatment of honorable nominees
  • Left’s threats and intimidation confirm contempt for Constitution
    • All the more reason to appoint justices who follow the Constitution

Trump will make the nomination; let’s hope Senate will confirm, asap


Families Divide – Trump & Revolutionary 2020 Elections


  • Story of adult son publicly ‘divorcing’ father for support of Trump goes viral

Denying father ‘grandparent visitation rights’ unless Trump denounced

  • “Transition integrity project” publicly games out Trump removal upon Biden victory

Founder advocates killing of Michael Anton, who wrote “The Coming Coup”

  • Extraordinarily sad signs of the times, but not uncommon when the stakes are so high

Compare – Pre-Revolutionary War and pre-Civil War eras

  • 2020 is NOT Trump vs. Biden…It is America + freedom End of America

Some Americans appear nearly hypnotized into blindness over what is at stake

Antifa/BLM/Democrat Party openly advocate and engage in destruction of Constitutional order, and law and order itself

           All awake, informed people want freedom, want America preserved


Kim Klacik = Ray of Hope


  • Klacik’s political ads are sparkling, inspirational
  • Raising discussion to the level of ideas that work, and ideas that don’t work
  • Breaking free of habits of tribalism, affirming the power of American ideals
  • The splintering of blacks, Hispanics and Asians away from monolithic support of Democrat Party is a real thing, and ‘walkaway’ momentum is growing
  • These are the seeds of a Trump landslide that the MSM does not see or will not admit

If Kim Klacik wins Congressional seat for Baltimore area…watch out!

A major re-alignment will be under way—