Why It Matters – The September 23rd Show

Why It Matters – The September 23rd Show

Ukraine Whistleblower Farce 

        The MSM and Dems’ are hysterical over a Trump phone call with  Ukrainian President Zelensky, because an anonymous complaint was made by someone :

Ø with no firsthand knowledge of the call — meaning who was reporting a rumor

Ø and who acknowledged that no quid pro quo was offered –meaning NOT offering money or threatening to withhold aid to the Ukrainians  — therefore NOT illegal

        THIS is grounds for impeachment? As opposed to Joe Biden’s on tape admission that he threatened to withhold aid to the Ukrainians unless they would fire their top prosecutor who just happened to be investigating a company run by Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.


Biden’s REAL Ukraine Scandal 

        Joe Biden’s son Hunter has essentially no objective qualifications for jobs in finance or energy…beyond his last name

        YET, business deals done involving him in Ukraine (and in China) while Joe Biden was Vice President of the United States, and major US aid and policy questions were at issue, have enriched Biden by millions of dollars

        This type of corrupt enrichment through the sale of US influence–a version of pay-to-play—is bipartisan:  READ Peter Schweizer’s “Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends”



Candace Owens 1, DC Dems 0 

        Candace Owens is intelligent, insightful, courageous and conservative

…and happens to be young and black, and a voice and a force for tremendous good in restoring America

        Her latest Congressional testimony (viral again) puts the lie to smug leftists, this time white liberal professors scolding her about white supremacy

        Best part is her pointing out on national TV and viral video that Dems consistently stir up fears about racial prejudice, and grossly exaggerate the issue, AT ELECTION TIMES, to keep black America voting Dem.  Priceless.


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Dems’ Threat to Defund Speech 

        To protect liberty, we MUST have freedom of speech.

        Dems in Congress threatened the tax-exempt status of organizations listed on the thoroughly discredited & radically leftist SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) “Hate List.”  This is abuse of power AND proof of the tyranny of the intolerant Left.

        Support for a border wall, opposition to the communist Green New Deal, support for traditional marriage—ALL are called “hate speech.”

        Labeling anything liberals do not like as “Hate Speech” is THE political tool of our time, used by the Left to eliminate freedom of speech in America. 

Fight back- expose SPLC