Why It Matters – The September 26th Show

Why It Matters – The September 26th Show

Kari Lake’s Takedown After Absurd Liz Cheney Threat


Liz Cheney promises to do everything possible to make sure Kari Lake not elected AZ Gov

  • Also promises to campaign for Dems if Trump becomes Presidential nominee

Note to Liz:  You lost your GOP primary by 40 points…you are wildly out of touch

Kari Lake responds with thanks to Liz for boost to the Lake campaign

“…might be the biggest, best gift I have ever received….the New Republican Party is the party of “We the People”, it is no longer the party of warmongers”

Kari Lake’s 27 years as a TV reporter/anchor appear to have made her uniquely strong in anticipating,  understanding and destroying left-wing attacks and narratives

  • Lake does not get thrown off message, and she does not apologize for American values

The Left is petrified of Kari Lake…

…and they should be…she is stellar


Italian Elections & EU threat; Sweden Too


Giorgia Meloni set to become first woman Prime Minister of Italy

Italian voters followed the example of Sweden…strong move toward conservatism

  • Meloni appears straight out of populist/nationalist movement…MAGA in Italy
  • Three-time CPAC speaker
  • Defender of freedom and sanctity of the individual human being apart from ‘masses’

“I am Giorgia. I’m a woman, I’m a mother, I’m Italian, I’m Christian”

EU left-leaning ‘leadership’ are opposed to populism/nationalism & freedom because it threatens their “we control the people” agenda.  EU’s threat to Italy flopped.

Uprising by freedom-loving ordinary people against global ruling elite is truly World-wide

Honest elections almost anywhere will reflect this uprising, and it is NOT ‘far-right’

November landslide in the US for the GOP if They embrace the Pro-America MAGA Agenda & Spirit


Iranian Anti-hijab protest exploding


Death of Iranian woman in police custody for improper burqa wearing has sparked nationwide protest (not for refusing to wear a burqa, but for wearing it improperly)

  • Led by Iranian women desiring greater freedom
  • Signals a deep populist discontent with the Iranian ‘mullahcracy’
  • Shows universal human love of freedom and rebellion against injustice
  • Iranian government is not presently in control of the country…trying to blame USA

Putting this protest down will not be easy, and could become bloodier

  • Regime could apologize for gross injustice, but hardline Islamists rarely consider apologies for actions taken in the name of enforcing sharia

No obvious mechanism for Iranian people to overthrow mullahcracy, but

Iranian people are angry, and govt response is making them angrier

A Sri Lanka scene in the making?


FBI Gestapo Tactics on Pro-life Dad


Pro-life activist father of seven defends 12-year-old son from pro-abortion bully

  • Pushed bully away, knocked him down (or did he flop?) …Bully’s civil suit was dismissed

Post case-dismissal, FBI arrives early morning with 15+ agents and guns drawn to arrest the father, and frighten his wife and seven children

Biden-led FBI’s judgement is absolutely stunning…a political assessment that Gestapo tactics in support of abortion represent a winning argument to American women to vote for Dems

Pro-abortion sentiments do NOT equate with pro-FBI-as-Gestapo sentiments

  • Large majority of Americans—men and women—are appalled at FBI behavior in Russia collusion hoax, Gretchen Whitmer fake kidnapping, J6 infiltration/provocation and heavy-handed arrests, NASCAR noose investigation and now this

       When GOP retakes the House in November, they must start the process of Defunding  & Dismantling the FBI