Why It Matters – The September 26th Show

Why It Matters – The September 26th Show

Criminal Referral of SmartMatic


Patrick Byrne is reporting:

  • US Atty/DOJ in Miami has made a ‘criminal referral’ of SmartMatic re Philippine elections
  • Alleges purposeful ≈$50M overpayment by Filipino official to SmartMatic

Part of overpayment alleged as personal kickback to Filipino official

Part of overpayment alleged (via Byrne) as payment to rig 2016 Philippine elections

  • Links of SmartMatic to voting systems used in USA are extensive
  • Rigging of 2016 Philippine election is acknowledged by DOJ; signals (via Byrne) DOJ awareness of the ability of SmartMatic systems to rig any election

MSM so far reporting this as a money-laundering/bribery case; Byrne believes it signals the whole US 2020 ‘election fraud denial’ house of cards is about to collapse

Stay Tuned for Further Developments:  This is hugely significant


Pirate Money: Texas House FAILED the People 


Texas House did NOT act on urgent legislative priorities that benefit ALL Texans

  • Gold-backed currency – A simple solution to an imminent threat to our freedom
  • Border security
  • Election integrity
  • EMP/grid protection


Making the Paxton impeachment more starkly obviously political and egregious

  • No due process
  • No actual evidence ever produced to back up allegations
  • Late session ambush
  • A contrived political hit job

Texans are restless about their state government…and they should be


Shameless Backfiring Leftist BelligerenceHunter, Hillary & Trump Show Trials


Hunter Sues People Over His Own Laptop:

From Laptop Repair store owner John Paul Mac Isaac, to Publisher of the contents Garrett Ziegler,

to Rudy Giuliani, NO apparent shame or acknowledgment or responsibility. And no consequence

to him from the GOP-controlled House.

Hillary Clinton with not an iota of apparent shame or recognition of her hypocrisy warned that Russia and Putin will again likely interfere in America’s 2024 election. No mention of her campaign’s direct involvement with Fusion GPS and Perkins Coie and the fake Trump Dossier & Russia Collusion Hoax.

The four-pronged attack by criminal indictment against President Trump appears to be backfiring but NEVER doubt how far the Leftists running America will go to keep him out of office.

Leftists everywhere are shameless, relentless and always seeking power.

We must defend our Republic!