Why It Matters – The September 27th Show

Why It Matters – The September 27th Show

American Justice: Obama v Trump


DOJ/FBI approach to Presidential Records vastly different for Obama than Trump

  • 2018 letter shows nonchalant acceptance of Obama’s classified and unclassified documents stored in a furniture warehouse
  • But approach to Trump documents justifies FBI raid, fuss over ‘classified’ designation

(as if the President is overruled by agencies in determining classification), arguments over planted vs taken documents…a mess under a Special Master

America’s Deep State ruling class never accepted Trump

  • DS seeks to treat him differently than every other President…

…because they think he should not have been President

America is reaching the breaking point with double-standard justice

Transparently unfair and dishonest and infuriating

Civil order cannot be maintained under double-standard Justice


Federal Bureau of Intimidators


Contrast between FBI’s treatment of political opponents vs. political allies is STUNNING

  • Mark Houck – pro-life political opponent of FBI – gets 15+ agents SWAT team arrest
  • Simone Gold – pro-healthcare freedom opponent of FBI – gets similar SWAT team
  • Jeffrey Epstein – political ally of FBI – client list kept under wraps, no arrests or investigations
  • Hunter Biden – political ally of FBI – overwhelming evidence of sell-out of America…crickets

There is no scenario under which the present FBI can regain trust among the American people

It MUST be entirely disbanded and its functions re-organized after November


Dept of Injustice


The Federalist exposes Durham as a coverup operation designed to protect institutions

Durham’s prosecutions are built on the theory that ‘bad guy’ lies duped the FBI into believing the ‘Russia collusion hoax’

…the theory is transparently phony, and everyone paying attention knows it

The FBI/DOJ and CIA were fully aware that ‘Russia collusion’ was a Hillary Clinton manufactured story to damage President Trump

…they were complicit in creating and spreading the story

…because they hated Trump just like the rest of the Swamp

DOJ treatment of J6 prisoners is beyond outrageous

  • Evidence of prison guards administering beatings that led to hospitalization of prisoner
  • J6 itself appears increasingly to have been orchestrated by the govt

America’s Department of Justice is out of control


GOP ‘Commitment to America’ – Good, But NOT Good Enough


Already taken down after initial release, GOP ‘Commitment to America’ is timid

  • Border security, tough-on-crime, fix-the-economy are obvious, easy issues to stand on
  • But the GOP looks obtuse, foolish and cowardly when it won’t address ‘elephants in the room’
    • Big Tech censorship, threats to free speech and freedom of religion
    • Climate change alarmism destroying fossil fuel industry
    • Drawdown of strategic petroleum reserves
    • Southern border as govt-facilitated invasion
    • Widescale food-processing plant fires and explosions
    • Vaccine safety, pandemic overreach
    • Transhumanism’s assault on America’s biblical foundation

Current GOP leaders do not appear equal to the challenges facing American survival

New leaders to emerge?