Why It Matters – The September 27th Show (Updated)

Why It Matters – The September 27th Show (Updated)

Defending America


Despite bleakness and darkness in every direction…take heart. BRAVERY is rising.

  • Millions worldwide are ON FIRE to resist what is happening; ranks are growing, every day
  • New US leadership gelling around America v. NOT America—not about politics as usual
  • Courage has never been more essential, and it is being found

Isabel Brown – 24 year old firebrand of American values

Now an object of left-wing mob hate, doxing, cancelation

“Whose Children Are They?” – powerful pro-America documentary out early next year

Left-wing tyranny on CRT, SEL, LGBTW & sexual morality ALL exposed

‘Open the Books’ initiative exposes scope/value of military equipment lost in Afghanistan

Next day the federal government deletes the relevant data

Deep state/ruling class/leftists heaping harassment, mockery and vile abuse on anyone speaking truth

    But truth exists, it matters, and it will prevail…if Americans have courage to voice it

Millions of Americans ARE showing courage…JOIN THEM!


Truth About Arizona Audit (Updated)


Results of AZ election audit

  • Auditors recommend decertification of 2020 Arizona election*
  • In election ‘won’ by Biden by <10.5K votes, there are at least 4X that many illegitimate ballots
  • Voting machines were connected to the internet (contrary to constant MSM reporting)
  • One day before AZ audit was to commence, AZ election admin DELETED ~million election files
    • This is clear CRIMINAL behavior, and the law treats ‘spoliation of evidence’ as inferring that

the deleted files were and are evidence of election fraud

Do not be misled by the MSM:  an election recount is NOT a ‘forensic’ election audit…

If a ballot count and a recount match…

…that proves NOTHING as to existence or non-existence of election fraud

The issue:   Were they legitimate ballots legitimately cast by legally eligible voters?

…THAT is what a forensic audit examines

…the AZ audit concluded “NO” as to too many ballots, and therefore

…the election should not have been certified

* 9/29/21: There seems to be inconsistent information out there as to whether the final, final Cyber Ninjas report included a recommendation to decertify the 2020 results.  We are not sure, they never sent us a copy; and we are at the point in society where it has become very difficult to know who to trust as a source for anything ‘official’.  In any case, based on the actual findings of the audit (including the acknowledgement that 284,000 ballot images were corrupted and could not be audited) and Liz Harris’ canvassing report, the Arizona election results of November 2020 should be decertified.

Front Line Doctors Lawsuits


Preliminary Injunction against mandatory vaccination of US military now at issue in CO

Affidavit in support of injunction is a gigantic eye-opener

Affidavit from Lt. Col. Theresa Long, Aerospace Medicine Specialist

Long recites detailed severe, incapacitating injuries to soldier after receiving covid vaccine

Long’s medical/military conclusion:  vaccinated pilots should be grounded until adverse vaccination results are investigated and medical concerns resolved

Biden’s mandatory vaccination policy for the military is driving many quality soldiers out of the military, including Navy SEALS; adverse vaccine effects now grounding US military pilots


                        Their age group and health condition shows covid recovery rates at nearly 100%


                        The answer should disturb all Americans