Why It Matters – The September 28th Show

Why It Matters – The September 28th Show

Propaganda Power & CA Sex-change-for-kids law


Fresh from ‘defeating’ recall, Gov. Newsom signs legislation adjusting health insurance law:

  • Permitting children 12 years of age or over to pursue gender transition…
  • Without knowledge or consent of their parents (the insurance policyholders)

Americans must see this radical leftism/propaganda for what it is and what it is NOT

  • It is NOT about enlightened advances of ‘science’
  • It is NOT about an evolution of the concepts of compassion or empathy
  • It IS about a purposeful replacement of a biblical worldview of creation, identity & family
  • It IS about a worldview that makes man a soulless bundle of flesh, and that treats parents as irrelevant and powerless in the raising of their children, as subjects to the atheist state.

     The radical leftist onslaught will not stop until the American people make it stop

Add your voice to the fight!


Vaccines, Veritas & Australia


Australian govt is unhinged, untethered from any sense of honoring freedom or conscience

Police/military brutality against AU citizens for covid lockdown violations is extreme, heartless

  • Are they truly so afraid of covid? Based on what science?
  • Or are they bought off or otherwise intimidated by China?
  • Or were AU govt officials simply tyrants-in-waiting, and covid ended the waiting?
  • Australians are living out the consequences of having given up their guns—they are largely helpless serfs…but they are beginning to band together to resist
  • Many observers speculate that what is happening in AU could happen in America…but the Second Amendment and the American spirit stand in the way


In New York and Massachusetts…Americans are stirring


Zero = $3.5T & Other Hoaxes


Biden/Pelosi spending proposals are NOT finding popular/polling support

Biden assurances that $3.5T in new spending will cost ‘zero’ in terms of adding to debt are simply fatuous…treating Americans as stupid

Pelosi’s backtrack against the Squad—now separating infrastructure spending from broader spending, and putting infrastructure to a vote first—is Pelosi’s concession that she doesn’t have the votes in her own party to pass all of it

MOST of this proposed spending is wildly irresponsible

It is simply a raw exercise of wealth and power appropriation from the people to the govt.

It’s what socialists/communists do

The American people MUST wake up, rise up and resist

History suggests:  Freedom once lost…is never regained