Why It Matters – The September 28th Show

Why It Matters – The September 28th Show

St. Vincent’s College & Winning the Battle for America


An earnest, invited speaker at Catholic SVC denounces affirmative action and its effects

time to abandon it!

Leftist mob denounces the speaker…CRT is the correct groupthink

…and SVC administration cravenly CAVES and stops all further discussion

Academia is the place for spirited discussion of policies

for promoting fairness and eliminating racism

Academia is NOT the place for cowardice and censorship

No law compelled SVC to cave to the mob; they simply capitulated

‘We the People’ MUST help re-inject backbone in US institutional leaders


Who Defends Western Freedom? Nord Stream Pipeline & Biden


Biden/Nuland on video promising destruction of NS pipeline if Russia invaded Ukraine

  • Makes USA into top suspect in sabotage of pipeline…which can be viewed as an act of war

Both Obama and Trump admins opposed the pipeline…and the damage now done is severe

  • Does the destruction of the pipeline really hurt Russia, now delivering gas through China?
  • Or does it mostly hurt the EU, heading into winter without adequate energy supplies?

Profoundly complex and high risk situation…demands America’s best thinkers and leaders

Yet the overall agenda of the Biden cabal is plainly America’s destruction

  • Do they have America’s interests at heart in Ukraine conflict?

Trump publicly volunteers to lead a peacemaking mission

  • Swamp/left will guffaw at Trump, but what does the rest of America and the world want?
  • Stakes in a nuclear war are incalculable, and Biden is senile and not trusted…by anyone

Pray for America to be, in Lincoln’s words, on God’s side


Hurricane Ian: Don Lemon Swing & A Miss


CNN’s Don Lemon essentially begs NOAA official to blame Hurricane Ian on climate change

  • NOAA official balks, wouldn’t accept the invitation

Leftists like Lemon are fearful of everything, and lack knowledge of history and facts

  • Lemon’s recent call for slavery reparations in the wake of QE’s death blown out of the water

by UK spokeswoman with knowledge of history of slave-trading, how it was ended & by whom

  • Even UN IPCC detailed data shows NO increase in number or intensity of hurricanes over many years

Reagan reminded everyone:

“It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things

that aren’t so.”

Climate change isn’t causing hurricanes