Why It Matters – The September 29th Show

Why It Matters – The September 29th Show

Vaccine Steamroller


  • The vaccination decision is personal and private…those Americans who have chosen to take it and those who have chosen not to take it are free people, deserving of respect

But pay attention to what is happening…

  • YouTube blocks all ‘anti-vaccine’ content

Even doctors posting about their actual results with actual patients…if it doesn’t extol vaccines

as the only solution, it is blocked. What about CDC’s own VAERs data ??

  • Pelosi rewrites ‘infrastructure’ bill to include tenfold increase in OSHA fines assignable to employers who do not mandate vaccine

Recall:  the CDC (!) data show deaths from vaccine @>15K, and covid recovery @>99%

Why would anyone in their right mind mandate a vaccine in these circumstances?


Who’s Truth? Milley vs Biden


  • Joint Chiefs Chair Mark Milley’s Senate testimony, and Biden’s past comments appear to be in direct conflict as to DoD recommendations re Afghan withdrawal
  • The issue isn’t really about who is committing perjury in front of the American people…

…the issue is about the US chain of military command—starting with the Commander-in-Chief—becoming an untrustworthy farce of dangerous incompetence obscured via PR spin games…and no one is ever held accountable

  • Trump was impeached over a 10 minute phone call looking into wrongdoing by US officials

Milley tips off China in January, and 13 US soldiers are dead from Milley/Biden Aghan decisions

Americans are running out of patience

They will not abide the elimination of accountability for govt actions


Debt Ceiling and NDAA Truth


  • Never has proposed govt spending been at levels so transparently, off-the-charts absurd
  • Never has the spending been so transparently exposed as a radical leftist ‘fundamental transformation’ tool

Dems actually propose to transfer approval authority to the President and away from the Congress—an obviously unconstitutional move if there ever was one

Multi-trillion dollar bill includes spending for green new deal, expanded CRT indoctrination, NDAA includes ‘red flag’ gun grabbing, especially from US vets

  • DEMS must be made to own the entirety of this ploy

McConnell seems uniquely determined to stop this

The DC GOP may finally be ‘feeling the base’