Why It Matters – The September 29th Show

Why It Matters – The September 29th Show

Covid, Now Climate, Lockdowns?


Leftism starts with godless materialism as all there is…then demands all-powerful government control of all but the ruling class….it is the destruction of individual freedom

  • NYC Mayor De Blasio tweets intent to keep lockdowns until covid down to ‘zero’

….Deaths?  Cases?  Forever?   This is utterly absurd, unjustified, unnecessary

  • Soros/Gates-Linked outlet publishes call for possible ‘climate change lockdowns’

            …there is no limit to the left’s desire to control people

Americans MUST recognize:  FREEDOM is on the ballot November 3rd

                           Trump and “R” are the only choices for preserving freedom


Veritas, Ilhan Omar & Vote Fraud 


  • Project Veritas unveiled videos with open acknowledgement of ongoing ballot-harvesting fraud operation linked to Ilhan Omar in Minnesota

The evidence is stone-cold clear

Law enforcement in Minnesota under Dem control

Trump has called for investigation

  • This is in-your-face criminality to control elections…there is nothing left

if this is not rooted out and stopped

  • Will anything happen from Dem AG?

Will the people of Minnesota ever rise up to demand justice? 


Mail in Ballot Harvesting in TEXAS


Similar to Minnesota criminality…

Biden Texas Political Director implicated

Texas State Senator implicated

Claims of ability to control 700,000 votes in Harris County (Houston area)

Dem legal demands re mail-in voting .. vast ‘existing criminal underworld’ operating voting fraud

Govt must pay postage

Postmarked on or before 11/3—must be counted, no matter when delivered

Ballots must be accepted even if no signature match (!)

            Community orgs can collect and deliver ballots [this is ballot-harvesting per se]

    There is no limit to how far the DEMS will go to cheat and steal elections

               Will Americans tolerate this…when it is so openly ongoing?


HILARIOUS Fact Check of BabylonBee


  • Bee satire headline claims 9th Circuit Overturned Ginsburg’s Death Certificate
  • USA Today actually fact checks and announces ‘false’…these people are ridiculous
  • The Babylon Bee is the preeminent online satire site…check it out
  • The USA Today epitomizes the state of journalism in America in 2020

Completely unserious; completely unable to understand Americans’ distrust due to fake news, not funny satire