Why It Matters – The September 2nd Show

Why It Matters – The September 2nd Show

Judge Drags Flynn Case Past Election


  • Three-star Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was framed by Obama era FBI and DOJ
  • Publicly disclosed documents prove this corrupt behavior by the FBI and DOJ
  • DOJ divulged this exculpatory evidence to federal Judge Emmet Sullivan
  • DOJ divulged that it has MORE exculpatory evidence favoring Flynn
  • DOJ moved to dismiss all charges against Flynn months ago…

…And ‘Judge’ Emmet Sullivan still refuses to allow charges against Flynn to be dismissed

Scheduled new briefings over nothing, so that Flynn in jeopardy until after election

Sullivan’s behavior is unprecedented; it is unconscionable; it is an abomination of law

Will the truth ever be known about Sullivan’s motive?

Is he being blackmailed?  Bribed?  Extorted?

Or is he just a leftist hack?


SJW Mission to End the Rule of Law


  1. Kenosha’s Kyle Rittenhouse

Video shows KR was assaulted, beaten and in obvious danger before firing weapon

SJW sets a narrative of KR as white supremacist/Trump vigilante

SJW determined to make narratives overrule facts and truth…

…to nullify actual investigation and due process

  1. Dallas judge acts on her own, reverses prior ruling, okays transgender processes on 8-yr-old boy
  2. Contra Costa Cty (CA) DA wants prosecutors to inquire if arrested looters ‘needed’ the loot

If looters ‘needed’ the loot, no prosecution

Snopes as ‘fact checker’ offers cover for DA…parsing words, ignoring substance

Narratives instead of truth…Secular engineering of human beings…

                                                No rule of law = Hell on earth

 Will American voters approve this?  A vote for Trump is the only way to say NO