Why It Matters – The September 3rd Show

Why It Matters – The September 3rd Show

Sturgis Bike Rally Not a Super-Spreader


450,000+ bikers join annual rally in Sturgis, South Dakota – Aug. 7 – 16

  • South Dakota’s Governor Noem never implemented Covid shutdown
  • Bikers in Sturgis generally not interested in masks or social distancing
  • Bikers in Sturgis were overwhelmingly pro-Trump

THEREFORE:  MSM narrative – OMG!!!

  • Bikers’ rally will prove to be an irresponsible super-spreader event!!!
  • Covid Armageddon coming in late August…Blame Trump!! Blame Noem!!

The post-rally data is in:  A big nothing in terms of covid ‘spread’ or new cases

The pandemic narrative has holes everywhere, and more every day

Why is any elected official continuing the lockdowns?


WHO Studies Steroids for Covid


  • Richard Bartlett discussed steroid treatment for Covid on ACWT on July 2, 2020
  • Over 5 million views on YouTube before YouTube took it down for ‘violating community standards’
  • Fauci scoffed about steroid treatment on M. McConaughey podcast: worse than a placebo
  • New WHO studies (that’s World Health Organization studies) released today:

Covid deaths reduced by use of steroid treatments

Dr. Fauci was wrong about covid spread and lethality

Dr. Fauci was and is wrong about efficacy of HCQ for covid

Dr. Fauci was and is wrong about steroid treatments for covid

Everyone makes mistakes…but Fauci makes many .. And NEVER Acknowledges them

            …and they all prolong pandemic fear…Americans wonder:   WHY?