Why It Matters – The September 3rd Show

Why It Matters – The September 3rd Show

Islamization of America

        Public schools are propagandizing for Islam, consequently gradually erasing Christianity

        CAIR = Hamas, yet is influencing US government policy at high levels

        Islamic doctrine/sharia cannot be reconciled with the US Constitution and Bill of Rights

Sharia replaces all other law. Islam is a conquest ideology.


To defend American liberty from sharia is not bigoted or hateful

It is protective of the most liberating, empowering culture in human history


Sidney Powell Goes Bold

Sidney Powell and Judge Emmet Sullivan have a rich history

            “License to Lie” – Prosecutorial corruption exposed in Enron/Ted Stevens cases

        Ms. Powell has thrown down the gauntlet of truth regarding the framing/hit job against Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn

        Sept. 10 hearing will reveal if Judge Sullivan is willing to rise again and enforce the rule of law against the manifestly corrupt Obama DOJ/FBI

Sidney Powell is an American heroine, an old school patriot and TOP lawyer

 justice can only be done based on knowledge of the whole truth

RULE OF LAW is at stake


LGBTQ Assault on America

American culture = Predominantly characterized by decency and a ‘live and let live’ ethos, (unlike some Islamic cultures where LGBTQ individuals are tortured and persecuted)

But the militant LGBTQ agenda is NOT about “live and let live” …

            It is about confrontational as well as insidious efforts to force America to not only agree morally with their lifestyle, but to undermine and destroy America’s freedom, culture & families.

Fighting this agenda requires thick skin and tenacity.  Ignoring it = surrender.

You will be made to care