Why It Matters – The September 5th Show

Why It Matters – The September 5th Show

BOB in Europe & What Time It Is in America


The Band of Brothers responded to a clear physical assault on America and freedom

  • They knew their cause was just and righteous
  • They were not fearless; they fought despite their fears…which IS courage
  • They were aided by an ‘underground’ of support from common people
  • Could the carnage they faced have been lessened if Churchill’s warnings had been heeded?

America in 2023 is under all-out assault…more comprehensive than in WWII

  • The war is so far more mental than physical—v. leftist mockery mobs, MSM snobbery, elitism
  • Abundant warnings are being shouted from the rooftops
  • An ‘underground’ of MAGA patriots has solidified and is now above ground
  • Plenty of fear among Americans…but growing evidence of courage to act in spite of fear

Stakes and stark choices are clear

The leftist assault MUST be defeated


The Paxton Impeachment Trial


Context matters

  • Ken Paxton defeated RINOs at every stage of his career…and they hate him for it
  • Paxton as AG has gone after election fraud, and is investigating Big Pharma

…and the ruling class hates him for that, too

  • Grounds for impeachment were well known well before the Nov. 22 election
  • Texans spoke clearly with their votes: they want Ken Paxton as AG.

In this context, impeachment is a barely disguised ruling class attempt to overrule Texas voters

ØTexas House is run by Democrats (see MQS’ documentary “The Texas Heist”)

ØTexas House did not pass legislation to meet conservative priorities

…but had time for an ambush impeachment, sprung at the end of the session?

ØNothing about the impeachment process was transparent, fair or consistent with due process

Texas Senate should Dismiss the Impeachment charges for flagrant violation of due process

If the Texas House is really serious, then re-initiate impeachment proceedings

openly, by the Reps, on the record, under oath, with defense




I am running for RNC Committeewoman for Texas

  The election will be conducted at Texas GOP convention in May 2024

  A 4 year term serving in a 153 member group

New website:  www.DebbieG4rnc.com – Full details on who I am and why I’m running

American Patriots MUST stand up and fill every ‘lane’ needed to restore this country

ØRNC Committeewoman for Texas is a lane I feel uniquely qualified to fill…so I am stepping up to fill it

The RNC MUST be newly and freshly connected with, responsive to and respectful of the MAGA base voters…and I intend to be a force to make that happen

                        I welcome and treasure any and all support from ACWT listeners!

Please go to my website and get involved!