Why It Matters – The September 5th Show

Why It Matters – The September 5th Show

A World On Fire for Freedom

UK & Brexit, Venezuela, and MAGA – Are stirrings of ‘we the people’ toward freedom

        Elitist “Remainers” in the UK are thumbing their noses at their own people

        Venezuelans KNOW socialism kills and they want freedom

        Much of MAGA rally enthusiasm is about Trump as champion of the common man, and opposition to the freedom-crushing agenda of today’s American-Left.

A righteous rebellion in favor of freedom may be the most potent force on earth

Freedom & sovereignty are on the ballot in America in 2020


Guns and Freedom

The 2nd Amendment is about self-defense — especially against a weaponized government

        The Obama admin weaponized the federal govt against political opponents

        FBI/DOJ behavior of the last several years is on display for America to see what a weaponized govt looks like, and has spiked Americans’ distrust of law enforcement

Free people NEVER want all weapons in the hands of a weaponized government

Ø Ask the Venezuelans, the Germans, the Russians


Hong Kong: You Have to Fight, to Win

        Red China cannot control the optics or risk the consequences of a violent crackdown in Hong Kong

        The Hong Kong Extradition bill did not get pulled because the government realized it was wrong, but because the protesters embarrassed China & HK

        This level of unrelenting pressure is needed to fight back against elitists who do not listen to the people, in Hong Kong, Venezuela, the UK, and in America