Why It Matters – The September 6th Show

Why It Matters – The September 6th Show

Trump Special Master Ruling Threatens Dems


Appt of Special Master for Mar-A-Lago Raid blows up DEM gaslighting

May also blow up DEM plan to indict Trump before mid-terms

Circumstances could not be more ‘special’/justified for appt of Special Master

  • First ever raid by incumbent President against past President (broke nearly 250 years of tradition)
  • Raid was at best wildly over-broad…medical records? Tax records?  Barron’s room?  Privileged docs?

Don’t be gaslit, and don’t indulge arguments about legalities/technicalities

  • An honest, ethical, non-partisan DOJ/FBI would WELCOME the appt of a Special Master
  • Special Master’s independent verification of DOJ/FBI professionalism would be powerful support
  • BUT…DOJ/FBI are outraged ????!!!!  WHY?

There is no good reason…they simply do not want their corruption exposed

Voting machine companies should WANT to be audited…

CDC/FDA/Pharma should WANT to share clinical trial data…

  Common sense tells you why; do not be fooled by gaslighting


EO 14067 & Central bank digital currency



Do NOT be confused or misled or fooled

  • Central bank digital currency is a formidable tool for control of individual people
  • If all money can only be digitally/electronically accessed…access can be denied

So the questions are:

  • What reasons are sufficient to deny anyone access to their money?
  • Who decides who’s access can be denied?

To accept digital currency in the name of convenience…

…is to accept slavery in the name of safety

Digital currency is a critical tool for imposing communism

Americans MUST oppose and reject


Brits Get Desperate: Gameshow to Pay Energy Bills


American media are deliberately leaving millions uninformed of what’s happening in Europe

  • Green New Deal/globalists are deliberately engineering energy shortages to drive a transition away from fossil fuels
  • EU energy prices are skyrocketing 5X-10X…IMPOSSIBLE for small businesses and families
  • Intentional action by European ruling elites…blaming Putin is transparently false

Now a UK gameshow where prizes involve payment of utility bills?

  • A stunning level of mockery and condescension toward the common man and woman

Ruling elites believe the common man/woman is ignorant and sheepish…the masses

…and will simply take whatever is dished out to them…b/c fear of climate change

                    Rumbles of rebellion are rising everywhere…severe winter ahead


MAGA Will Outlive Trump


Check out my ‘Personally’ email/column on September 2

  • Struck a profound chord with a listener who lived in a communist country

Biden speeches are dark; his visage angry; his message opposed to the vast majority of Americans who want to ‘make America great again’

  • A dangerous and senile man who should not be occupying the Presidency

Biden and the DEMS complained for four years that the 2016 election was stolen

…produced no evidence…and never asked for an election audit

…just asked for Russia collusion investigation—which found nothing

Biden and the DEMS now want to silence any questioning of 2020 election

Despite overwhelming and growing evidence of massive 50-state fraud

Biden and the Left are fighting against truth…they will lose