Why It Matters – The September 7th Show

Why It Matters – The September 7th Show

Activists Win – the Fearful Silent Lose: HOW to Fight


The American Wake Up Call has been delivered…now is the time to answer it with action

Everyone who sees America’s danger MUST get engaged

  • No cavalry coming…Trump is not enough… waiting on the sidelines will be fatal to the USA

“Seven Practical Ways to Make America Great Again” at American Thinker

  • Are you doing all seven? Some?  Any?

“Over the bridge” effort spreading across the country…unfurling flags with MAGA messages

  • Estimates are: 70% of viewing traffic is supportive…America is not hopelessly split 50/50
  • But the war is won by those who fight, not by silent, concerned-but-passive observers

“We the people” will save this country…or it will not be saved



Trans Zealotry & Brittany Aldean


Kudos to Brittany Aldean for her common sense…passing thru ‘tomboy’ to ‘girly things’

ACLU claiming children have the “right” to self-mutilate/castrate?  Sick beyond description

Trans-hype should not be humored at all…tip of the spear for removing God from mankind

  • No more male and female formed by our Creator
  • Bodies and identity engineered by surgeries and injections &
  • Man in the image and likeness of superhumans…as defined by humans
  • No need for the family…fix everything with more drugs and surgeries
  • Government-run schools driving parents away from their kids

Trans agenda is communism on the move

Americans must see it for what it is…and reject it


CA Gov & Energy Hypocrisy on Steroids


California heads to brownouts and blackouts

  • California bans new gas-powered cars after 2035…while demanding electric cars NOT be

charged (during vacation season!) in order to conserve energy

CA is right in step with the EU

  • EU energy bills estimated to jump $2T in the coming year
  • Self-inflicted energy crisis to transform society into govt-control of everything
  • Problems/suffering of the common man and woman does not matter to the elites

This is government-imposed tyranny justified by False “climate emergency”

No one voted for this, in the EU, in California, or anywhere else

This is the existential threat to freedom around the world

Get engaged to stop it!


Border Busters Lies


WH Press Secretary KJP breaks new ground with in-your-face lying

Incoming airline passengers must be vaccinated…southern border migrants need not

KJP:  there are no migrants walking across the border

KJP tweeted 2016 as a stolen election…was that domestic terrorism?

KJP:  a ‘ridiculous’ comparison

Not possible to lie enough to keep Americans from believing their own eyes

KJP/Alinksy-tactics of doubling down on lies is not working

Americans are awake