Mark Milley has used up his credibility. Nonie Darwish understands Islamic conflicts with the west. Taking in Afghan refugees is not a simple, moral question. A great Summit is coming up--please join us in Dallas on September 18!

Why It Matters – The September 7th Show

Why It Matters – The September 7th Show

General Milley: US Fights FOR Taliban?


  • Mark Milley should have resigned as Chair of Jt. Chiefs for Afghanistan withdrawal fiasco
  • Milley now warning of disastrous civil war in Afghanistan -> Taliban v. ISIS-K

Hinting at US military re-involvement, fighting on the side of the Taliban?

  • This kind of thinking is what feeds the theory that the Deep State/military-industrial complex runs US foreign policy and creates wars and other engagements to feed the defense contractors…and American soldiers are just pawns

Taliban v. ISIS-K = Islamists v. Islamists

what interests of the American people are served

by re-engaging militarily on the side of the Taliban

in an Afghan civil war?????



Nonie Darwish: Biden’s NOT Incompetent


Prominent former Muslim Nonie Darwish warns:
            Afghanistan fiasco is not a product of incompetence, but of design

Obama long believed an Islamic caliphate somewhere in the world would be a good thing

Socialists/globalists/leftists have always hated American exceptionalism

Locking arms with Islamists to destroy American freedom would fit with the GOAL of tearing down America


Short-term focus on dystopian Afghan withdrawal obscures the bigger picture

The Taliban has been elevated via Biden administration policy and actions to complete power, and armed with billion$ in US military equipment

The Afghan results were entirely avoidable…

                     So why would anyone believe they were unintended consequences?


Afghan Refugees in America?


Pew Research re Afghan refugees

  • 73% believe sharia is revealed word of God
  • 67% believe there is only one interpretation of sharia
  • 99% believe sharia should govern in Afghanistan
  • 81% support cutting off hands as punishment of burglars/robbers
  • 85% support stoning as the punishment for adultery

At least two generations of Americans seem either:

  • unable to grasp why these beliefs do not assimilate well in America; or
  • to not care about preserving America’s Judeo-Christian cultural values

Preserving America REQUIRES thorough vetting of Afghan refugees

Those who insist on Islamic/sharia supremacy should be placed

in nations that embrace Islamic/sharia supremacy


Best Summit Ever Coming Your Way


Women for Freedom Summit on September 18, 2021 will be unique and powerful

Women and men MUST take the field…be engaged if America is to be saved

Activists can only be effective if they are well-informed

In an era of ‘information warfare’ the supreme weapon is:  TRUTH

America has never needed TRUTH more desperately than NOW

About the border

About covid

About China, the CCP and the threats of socialism/globalism

About the US military

About election fraud

And Americans need to know what they can do to help save America

                                                Attend the Summit!