The Taliban is rubbing America's face in the Afghanistan defeat. Will Americans tolerate it? Clay Clark joins for his usual high-energy, provocative commentary. An Arizona canvassing report is shaking up the national election fraud discussion. Senator Rand Paul is calling out Dr. Fauci for lying...and he's got receipts.

Why It Matters – The September 8th Show

Why It Matters – The September 8th Show

Taliban’s Sep 11th Msg to America


Obama swapped five Taliban Gitmo prisoners for Bowie Bergdahl (arguably, a traitor)

Four out those five released Taliban are to be sworn in 9/11 as Afghan govt ministers

The 20-year anniversary of 9/11 will be marked by US surrender to the Taliban in Afghanistan

There is no possible chance this is an outcome desired by the American people

But it IS the outcome desired by Obama, Biden, and the radical left.

Diminishing America’s role in the world, preparing Americans and the world to reject

national identity in favor of their Great Marxist Reset

The ruling class, Deep State and MSM think the American people will just shrug and take it

Will they?




  • Arizona volunteer election canvassing group completed a very extensive canvas of Arizona voting precincts, including in Maricopa County, and produced a written report

(This effort is independent of the AZ legislature’s forensic audit…results still pending)

  • Projecting from a huge statistical sampling (11,000 households; 4,900 responses)—

~96,000 ‘ghost’ votes – meaning mail-in votes cast in the name of registered voters unknown to the resident at the registered address or verified as having moved away prior to Oct. 2020;  and

~173,000 ‘lost’ votes – meaning registered, resident voters who stated that they voted by mail-in ballot but as to which there is no record of their vote

Biden’s winning margin in AZ ~11,000 votes

Public pressure to de-certify AZ electors is mounting



Sen. Rand Paul:  ‘Fauci Lied & Thousands Died’


Word-parsing and contextual ‘nuancing’ will not obscure the reality…

Sen Rand Paul says Dr. Anthony Fauci LIED about to Congress about his directed funding of gain-of-function research…which is the research underlying the ‘creation’ of covid-19

Disturbing, dark questions are going to proliferate:

Why did he lie about the funding of gain-of-function research?

Why did he initially dispute the Wuhan lab leak theory?

Why did he deliberately suppress information about early, effective covid therapies? At what point does  his suppression of these therapies cross the line to LIES about these therapies?

Why is he pushing the mandatory vaccination of children?

Will Americans trust the answers of a now-proven liar?

What will be the ripple effects of Fauci’s lying

Will there be global impact?