Why It Matters – The September 8th Show

Why It Matters – The September 8th Show

BLM Attacks #WalkAway


#WalkAway is a movement of people telling their stories of leaving the Democrat Party

Stories are ultimately positive; about escaping lies and deceptions and growing in        love for America; they are truly peaceful protests over how they were misled

Dallas #WalkAway rally this past weekend interrupted by BLM, with confrontation, threats and intimidation against #WA…and MSM—with cameras present—did not film any of it

Questions Americans are asking (and should be asking)

  • What kind of ‘peaceful protesters’ resort to confrontation, threats and intimidation?
  • What kind of media ignores BLM’s confrontations, threats and intimidation and perpetuates a narrative of BLM as ‘peaceful protesters’?

          President Trump denounces the MSM as ‘enemies of the people’

   When the MSM deliberately lies re BLM, they ARE enemies of free people


Trump Boots Critical Race Theory


Critical race theory asserts ‘systemic’, ‘structural’, ‘institutional’ racism as ingrained in the fabric of America

The purpose of the theory is not to inform as to ‘facts’, but to use ‘narrative’ to manipulate             decent people into feelings of guilt for and hatred of America

There is no principle from which to build unity, or to find any solution

The purpose is to perpetuate division; to subjugate the individual by strict definition and herding of people into groups based on skin color

Mockery/disdain for America’s ideal:  the individual as the ‘child (or creation) of God’

President Trump is remarkably courageous to take pre-election action to

           boot critical race theory and the 1619 Project out of schools

                    Alert Americans – of all skin colors – agree with him


Hair Hypocrisy and Gyms


Nancy Pelosi exemplifies ruling class elitism, and Americans detest elitism

Claiming to have been ‘set up’ by her latest recurring hair appointment…

Nothing exemplifies ruling class condescension toward the American people than this insult-to-the-intelligence excuse

Pure ‘rules are for the little people’ haughtiness

And now it’s known:  gyms in SF government buildings have remained open, while SF gyms operated by private, usually small business operators are shut down by  covid

Dems and MSM believe these instances of massive hypocrisy/elitism are not noticed by the ignorant masses or just ‘blow over’ after a few news cycles

                                                      They are wrong

                                           Wait and see on November 3rd