Why It Matters – The September 9th Show

Why It Matters – The September 9th Show

Covid and Climate Intersection

Why It Matters to You

Dr. Fauci writes in the Cell—

            A new era of pandemics – explosion of viruses and danger

Nature is fighting back against humanity

Humanity must change its behavior, live in greater harmony with nature


Freedom for humanity after thousands of years of struggle….is now over?

BLM, Covid and climate change have altered all of world history, all at once in 2020?

No more sports, no Halloween (in LA), no handshaking, no restaurants, no concerts…

HOW MUCH Freedom will you surrender, and for how long? Forever ??

        Freedom/individual rights come from a power higher than Dr. Fauci

                   Americans know this; they are fed up with this insanity


The Atlantic Smears Trump and the Military

Why It Matters to You

The Atlantic/Jeff Goldberg are financially linked to Democrat/left-wing money (Lauren Jobs)

Comments attributed to Trump now definitively refuted on the record by more than 12 people…

…including anti-Trumpers John Bolton and Zach Fuentes (aide to John Kelly)

Not one person has gone on the record to affirm any portion of the alleged comments

President Trump has accomplished historic rebuilding and  massive increase in funding for the military, secured largest pay raise in 10 years & brought troops home – how realistic is this smear?

MORE like this is coming between NOW and November 3rd.  Don’t get fooled!!!

The Left assumes transparent, false hit jobs work in persuading stupid or uninformed voters

The Left does not understand the power of alternative media and the truth

                                The Atlantic smear will help Trump, not hurt him