Why It Matters – The September 9th Show

Why It Matters – The September 9th Show

The Drew Brees Kerfuffle


NFL Star QB, pillar of the New Orleans community, devout Christian Drew Brees:

        Records a 30 second video in support of ‘bring your Bible to school’ day

        Notes his favorite Scripture:  “we walk by faith, not by sight…”

        Pilloried by the leftist media mob….why?

        Tolerance is a one-way street with the American Left.


Leftist/LGBTQ sympathizing media headline it:

        “Drew Brees Appears in Video for Gay Conversion Therapy Sickos, Doesn’t Understand What the Big Deal Is”


The messages:

        ‘Focus on the Family’ is to be demonized

        To revere the Bible and its teachings is to be bigoted, hateful, & anti-gay

        To believe the Bible contains moral teachings important to humanity is to be an ignorant fool


The left’s mission is to eradicate the Bible and Christianity from American culture



The Climate Change Scam


The Common Sense Questions are never really answered, except by “Shut Up”:

        If ‘the science is settled’, why have so many major climate change predictions been wrong?

        Why have 5 AGW artic ‘research ships’ had to be rescued from the ice?

        When fraud in the numbers is exposed or debunked, why don’t the media cover it?

        The “97% Consensus” has been thoroughly debunked; why is it still cited?

        If the concern is over fossil fuels, why isn’t there support for nuclear energy?

        If the leaders are serious, why don’t they condemn China and India?

Every totalitarian leftist initiative takes away your freedom and your money


Bernie Sanders and all the Dems want to use ‘fighting climate change’ for:


        Massive wealth distribution & overhaul of the free market economy

        Massive control over our choices as to food, energy use, housing and transportation

        EVERYONE cares about and supports good environmental policy that promotes a clean environment, but “Environment” and “Climate” are different

        The Climate change movement is a fear-mongering, leftist,  trojan horse, that will crush freedom and justify growing government control over the American people.


Communist China’s “Celebrations”


        China’s celebration of communism is a show of force against the people, by the government.  In AMERICA we the people willingly celebrate our freedom.

        The celebration of communism is accompanied by strict government limits on the people whose opposition the government fears.

        Note the similarities between the Leftists in America, and the Communists in China. Government controlled society and industries, limits on wealth and income, intolerance for religion. Marx and Lenin both said socialism is a stepping stone to Communism


Protecting freedom requires an understanding of it—and eternal vigilance