Will Proof of Mistaken Identity Convert A Dem to An Adult?

Will Proof of Mistaken Identity Convert A Dem to An Adult?

The hot rumors surrounding the Kavanaugh nomination are to the effect that maybe something sexually unpleasant happened to Christine Ford back in the early 1980’s, but the perpetrator wasn’t Brett Kavanaugh.

Our take is that this rumor sounds about right.

We don’t want to believe Ms. Ford is an out-and-out, make-it-up-out-of-thin-air liar, but she sure sounds prone to allowing her far left worldview to morph into the demonization of people who don’t share it.  Given the apparent big-time party culture of her DC area private school, a drunken encounter of the type she has described would not be unusual.

We have also watched Brett Kavanaugh; we have known men like him; and we have particularly noted the clear and unequivocal nature of his denials.

It’s rare in our experience for men with the morally upstanding 35+ year record of Kavanaugh—including in his relations with women—to have built such a record by reason of guilt over a teenage aberration.  Far more likely is that he has never done anything remotely sexual and nonconsensual with a woman—because that’s how he thinks and how he was raised.  (Sadly lost in the current societal commentary is that there truly are many, many American men who have treated women decently their entire lives.  That’s not to say they never engaged in teenage sexual experimentation; it’s to say they never did so against the will of the woman.)

Kavanaugh is more than enough of a sophisticated lawyer to wordsmith a wiggle-room denial with “I have no recollection of anything like that happening”.  But he hasn’t done that.  He has said “…I have never done anything like what the accuser describes—not to her or to anyone.”

Whenever denials are as absolute and unequivocal as Kavanaugh’s have been, all it takes is one credible eye-witness to destroy it.  And so no one as smart as Kavanaugh would offer such a denial without 100% certainty that it is the truth, and that it is not possible for there to be an eye-witness to something that he did not do.

It’s not clear at this writing just how the case of mistaken identity can be locked down, as it would seem to require a 50+ year old man from Landon School or elsewhere to fess up to something he’d much rather not be known.

But here’s what we want to ask:  if in fact this allegation against Kavanaugh turns out to be provably false by reason of mistaken identity or otherwise, will we see Diane Feinstein or any Democrat anywhere apologize to Mr. Kavanaugh?

To have put an honorable man through the theatrics that preceded the Ford allegation was disgraceful enough, but to put an innocent man and his wife and daughters through the gutter of a transparent last minute political hit that clearly never felt strong enough to Feinstein to present in normal Senate channels, is simply despicable.  If there remains anything to the concept of shame, Democrats in DC ought to feel it.

Diane Feinstein may be given a chance to stand up and do the right thing: publicly apologize to Brett Kavanaugh and his family.  Here’s hoping she’ll do it.  Nothing would be better for the morale of the American electorate, and for the Democrat Party.  Adult behavior, commensurate with the honesty and decency of the vast majority of the American people, is long overdue in Washington, D.C.