Women Strongly Support Candidate whose Policies Destroy Womens Jobs!

Women Strongly Support Candidate whose Policies Destroy Womens Jobs!

In just one week,a news storyexposed the devastating impact President Obama’s policies have hadand are still having on women, the economy and women’s jobs, and another story announced polls showing that single women disproportionately support President Obama.

We support the guy whose policies have destroyed the jobs we need?

First, let’s get a few facts straight:

  • More women live in poverty now than when President George Bush left office—800,000 more!
  • In America today, seventeen million women live in poverty, and minorities are taking the brunt of this, including 25% of Hispanic women who live below the poverty line.
  • Even the liberal cheerleading squad at the New York Times reports how harshly the Obama economy is impacting single women:

(Single women who…)  “already earn less than married people and single men,  ….have not fared well during the Obama administration. They have had a harder time than married women paying rent, getting medical care and finding jobs. While the jobless rate for married women has stayed relatively low, at 5.6 percent compared with 2.6 percent before the recession, the rate for unmarried women has risen to 11 percent, from a prerecession level of 6 percent.”

(A vital PS to this NYT excerpt is that several recent studies have shown that the alleged gender gap in pay is very dubious, and in fact that young single, child-less women earn more than their equivalent male counterparts!)

So single women went from a 6 percent unemployment ratebefore Obama took office, to 11 percent unemployment under Obama, higher than the national average, and they are having a harder time paying rent, finding medical care and finding jobs — yet a recent poll found that single women supposedly support Obama 60% to 31%!

Girls, please talk this up with your friends! America needs you!

Supporting a candidate, and a political party, whose policies have wreaked havoc on the economy generally, and specifically have brought about an increase in poverty and unemployment among women, is like continuing to deposit your hard earned money in a bank that has already squandered your savings.

Peer pressure among some groups of young women to vote liberal is sometimes suffocating, but you can bring the fresh air of truth and facts, and urge your friends to vote to support jobs and economic stability, for their own futures and financial well-being!

Plus ladies, there are plenty of brilliant and successful single women who embrace women’s role as independent and successful Americans, who are leading the way in urging women to stop voting for the Democrat policies that hurt our economy.

As a writer for the Independent Women’s Forum put it recently, single women are “thinking individuals” who should “weigh the economic policies of the candidates in this year’s election and decide which policies will create sustainable growth, more jobs, and more opportunities for women and men alike.”

Ladies, it is not even close. We have tolerated the Democrats as they have taxed, spent and regulated the American people and businesses into economic chaos—which is good for absolutely no one. We know what we have to do—so let’s talk it up in our lives and vote in the fall to bring America back on track.