Wondering About the Ukraine Narrative?

Wondering About the Ukraine Narrative?

Extraordinarily well and succinctly stated (from Telegram):

[Forwarded from 1st Amendment Praetorian]
I’m not entirely sure of what’s going on in Ukraine – I don’t know if anyone in the US really is save for a small group.

One thing I DO know is that when there is a locking of arms & concerted push of a specific narrative by the same cabal of dirtbags who lied to us about:

-Russian Collusion
-Covington Kids
-Jussie Smollet
-Bubba Wallace
-January 6
-The Marxist goals of BLM
-“Fiery but peaceful protests”
-the existence of ANTIFA
-calling parents at school board meetings domestic terrorists
-calling a father whose daughter was raped a violent lunatic for trying to make his voice heard
-the Kavanaugh hearings
-climate gate
-French cemetery gate
-biolabs in Ukraine
-WMDs in Iraq

And so many other things…

That you should be very wary of the message they are all pushing in unison.