Yes, Virginia Voters, There is a Consequence

Yes, Virginia Voters, There is a Consequence



Dear Virginia Voters,


Your vote in the Virginia governor’s race on November 5th means so much to Americans in the other 49 states.


There is a widespread and growing national angst about our country, a sense that something is very wrong. It is a feeling that our country is being taken over by people who want to take over the people. It’s a deep-in-the-gut-level knowing that the liberty-based lifestyle Americans have enjoyed, is at great risk.


Yes, Obamacare is a big part of this angst in many particulars, but–


  • The problem is not that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) insurance exchanges are not working as promised.


  • It is not the widespread failure of the website that was 3 years and 634 million taxpayer dollars in the making.


  • It is not that the insurance premiums for hard-working Americans who were happy with their policies have increased exponentially and become unaffordable, because of the law.


The source of America’s deeply felt national angst boils down to three things.


One, when Obamacare passed, the American people saw firsthand that Democrats in power felt no moral, ethical or patriotic obligation to serve the interests of, or even listen to, the people.  The architects of that law, the leadership of the Democrat Party in Washington, legislated this federal government takeover of the healthcare system despite indisputable evidence that the American people were overwhelmingly opposed to it. Poll after poll told them that. The speed with which this nightmare was forced into legislative reality can only be explained as determination by Democrat Party leadership to act before they lost their majorities in the House and Senate.  The Republican sweep of the US House elections in 2010 confirmed what the polls had said all along; Americans do not like and did not want this takeover.


Two, the national angst deepened to a sickening level when Americans learned that the architects of this healthcare takeover knew back in 2010 that the law would cause 93 million Americans to lose their health plans. The system was hard-wired from the start to make it impossible for most Americans to stay with the policies they chose and liked.  So Democrat promisers from Obama to HHS officials who said “if you like your insurance you can keep it” knew when they said it, that they were lying.  This is the most sinister lie that an American President has ever told the people.  It was told to lure us through deceit into accepting a scheme designed to take away the basic liberty of choosing our health care providers and coverage.


Three, the first two items reveal that today’s Washington Democrats are so driven by far leftist ideological fervor that they do not feel tethered in any degree to the ideas that preserve American-style liberty, things like constitutionally limited, representative government, and a societal system of commerce rooted in free market ideas.  The very underpinnings of our nation’s historic freedoms and prosperity are under attack by these ideological zealots, who will brazenly lie to conceal their agenda.


The Democrat “we will jam it down the throats of the people whether they like it or not” Party will be emboldened by a Democrat victory in Virginia.  All Americans should resist this; no Americans benefit from it.


So that is why, Virginia voters, your choice of governor on November 5th, matters.  Selecting Terry McAuliffe, a close Obama ally, as governor in 2013 tells the D.C. Democrats that Americans see the forced and unpopular takeover of the healthcare system, find out they were deliberately lied to, and nevertheless turn out in the voting booth and support such blatantly un-American behavior.


Please, this is not about personalities; it is not about the outgoing governor’s foibles.  Tune out the propaganda media, and stop this leftist destruction of our heritage of freedom.   Put aside blind loyalty to the “D” or the “R” and the sideshow of libertarianism; what is needed is a vote for America and freedom.  And in Virginia, on November 5, that is a vote for Ken Cuccinelli for Governor.


Debbie Georgatos is author of “Ladies, Can We Talk?  America Needs Our Vote! (Available on Amazon in print and e-book format), CEO of CWT Publications, and developer of a new “America, Can We Talk?” platform for honest, civil and serious discussion about the future of American liberty.