A CEO and Leader in the White House

A CEO and Leader in the White House

In a March 22 posting about FBI Director James Comey, we wrote:

History is filled with characters too clever by half, and with leaders who think truth is a plaything for them to mold and shape as they see fit.  Doesn’t end well for them, because truth is a power in and of itself.

James Comey seems to be riding high as Master Puppeteer now; we won’t be surprised if that doesn’t last.

It didn’t.

Law enforcement professionals and others can make the case that James Comey has deserved termination for years, but his July 5, 2016 press conference exposed his dangerous messianic complex for all Americans to see.  He explained in great detail all the facts that demonstrated Hillary Clinton to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of violating federal laws governing the handling of confidential information.  The average citizen heard Comey outline an open-and-shut case against Clinton, followed by a non-sequitur conclusion that no reasonable prosecutor would take the case.

Comey’s conclusion was not a non-sequitur if the FBI Director’s role is Master Puppeteer of power in Washington.  He read the polls at the time indicating Hillary Clinton would be elected President, and wanted to retain his job if that happened.  So a free pass, get-out-of-jail card had to be issued to Hillary.  But he also knew that if there were to be even a shred of respect for the FBI and for the rule of law left after the Obama years, he had to make clear that the FBI had done its job and had uncovered the truth of what Hillary did, and would not acquiesce quietly to some unconscionable Loretta Lynch denial that anything improper had taken place.

Comey’s thinking isn’t that hard to decipher, and it’s rational from the perspective of one who believes he is an elite ruler who knows best who should and should not exercise power in Washington D.C., and laws including the Constitution are for the little people.  But that’s not who he is, and that’s not what the rule of law in America is supposed to be.

Trump was right to fire Comey.

Whether the firing took place on Inauguration Day or May 10, 2017 or any other day, the insane left-media and the RINO establishment would wail and gnash their teeth at the bad timing and horror of it all.  The hypocrisy of these people defies description, exceeded only by the brash foolishness that believes the American people don’t notice the hypocrisy.

A solid, new FBI Director will be good for the FBI, for the rule of law, and for America.  Long overdue.

Paul Gable