A Great American Thinker: Dr. Victor Davis Hanson

A Great American Thinker: Dr. Victor Davis Hanson

No identification of this era’s heroic American writers and commentators and ‘thinkers’ would be complete without Dr. Victor Davis Hanson.

No one we are aware of can combine vast historical knowledge, deep insight into the human condition, and grasp of political/cultural trends like Dr. Hanson—a humble product of a small-town farming community in California’s San Joaquin Valley.

Dr. Hanson is not particularly optimistic about America right now, but his online contributions spread truth and wisdom that are the only foundation upon which an American recovery and restoration can be built.

From Dr. Hanson’s latest “The Legends of Our Fall”:

“In our upside-down world, the smeared “liar” [think:  Patrick Byrne or Sidney Powell] is the revealer of…fraud. And sadly the deified “truth-teller” [take your pick of the legacy media] is in truth the abettor of falsity.”