Patrick Byrne’s Call to the American Conscience

Patrick Byrne’s Call to the American Conscience

We’ve drawn attention to Patrick Byrne’s serially released blogposts on his deep and direct involvement in assessing election fraud in the November 2020 election.

The blogposts are now organized into a book:  The Deep Rig: How Election Fraud Cost Donald J. Trump the White House, By a Man Who did not Vote for Him: (or what to send friends who ask, “Why do you doubt the integrity of Election 2020?”)

Byrne’s book should be required reading for every American.  And if it can’t be for every American, it ought to at least be required for:  Mike Pence, Bill Barr, Christopher Wray, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney, Nikki Haley, all Justices of the SCOTUS, the New York Times editorial board, the Wall Street Journal editorial board, the National Review editorial board, Kay Cole James, Peggy Noonan, George Stephanopoulos, and the Board of Directors of Alphabet, Inc., Facebook and Amazon.

Because after reading Byrne’s book:

  • There is no plausible, substantive argument that there was no election fraud, and no plausible, substantive, investigation-based argument that the election fraud did not affect the outcome.

And so it’s time to see if that quality of conscience still resides in the ruling class of this country—i.e., that ‘still, small voice’ that says:  what happened is unconscionable, unacceptable and cannot be allowed to stand.

All are free to hold on to and justify their hatred of Donald Trump; all are free to assert that Joe Biden ought to be the President because Donald Trump is unworthy for umpteen different reasons.


No evidence of election fraud’?

Claims of election fraud have been debunked’?

The courts have considered the evidence of election fraud and dismissed it as without merit’?

By whom has Byrne’s chronicle of election fraud been debunked?  Based on what investigation of Byrne’s documented evidence?  Which court has considered what Byrne has described?  Which court made a finding that Byrne’s evidence lacks merit?  What technology did they use to demonstrate the lack of merit?

People who have read Byrne’s book and can stand before the American people and make any of these italicized statements are the scariest type of individuals roaming the planet:  conscience-free, stone-cold liars who cravenly believe power in the right hands—theirs—justifies any and every lie told right to the face of the American people.

Such people are not bailed out by the ‘move on’ argument that is the self-fulfilling tail end of the election fraud:  the argument that ‘yeah, well, it’s unfortunate all this is coming to light now, but there’s too much water under the bridge, a new administration has been installed, and we just can’t undo it all’.

The scale of the election fraud that took place, and the obvious tentacles of direct foreign interference in the election, simply devastate the ‘move on’ argument.

Not only can this be undone, it MUST be undone if America is to survive.

Every day that goes by, with every Biden administration executive order or initiative that has no straight-faced argument that it fulfills the will of the American people—i.e., that it reflects the consent of the governed—brings the country closer to disintegration.

The American legacy media can blithely take a ‘whistle past the graveyard’ stance that nobody is noticing this brazen defiance of the American people; that Biden’s historic landslide win legitimizes opening the borders, granting blanket amnesty to 11M+ people in the USA illegally, re-appeasing Iran and dissing Israel, ending the Keystone pipeline (and fracking), rejoining the Paris climate accords, abandoning all “America First” policies, making white supremacy into the prime terrorist threat facing America, etc., etc.

But the American people are noticing.  And Byrne’s evidence pretty much points to the conclusion that not only did Biden not win an historic landslide; he did not win at all.  The 2020 election provides no legitimizing cover whatsoever to what the Biden administration is doing.

So what about the other spin of the ‘move on’ argument (one that Byrne himself more or less endorses)?  The one that says ‘yeah, well, the election fraud was pretty bad, and there is an argument that the election result ought to be undone, but 2022 isn’t that far away, and it’s much better to let the next election cycle accomplish the necessary reset of 2020.  The idea of unwinding the 2020 election result by any other means is obviously unprecedented, and trying to navigate through it in the face of all the Trump hatred will just tear the country apart’.

Never mind the very real initial response that the country is already being torn apart by the ruling class denial/refusal to address the Big Lie of election fraud.  The elephant in the room response is simple:  in the face of Byrne’s evidence, in what universe do the American people have a basis to expect honest election results in 2022?

All the ‘election integrity’ initiatives in state legislatures will not matter in the slightest if they do not start from a baseline of knowing exactly what happened in November 2020.  They can’t possibly fix what they don’t know to be broken.  And without the massive, objective, transparent investigation of election fraud that Byrne’s evidence righteously demands, state legislators do not know what to fix.

We’ve said before that Patrick Byrne is an American hero.  We think history will elevate the importance of his contribution far beyond its present profile.  But it’s real-time importance today may be beyond even his estimation:  it is a call to the American conscience.

For every employee up and down the ranks of Big Tech, ordered to censor anything and everything that suggests the 2020 election was stolen—is that ok with you?

For every person working up and down the ranks of the Pentagon, the FBI and the DOJ, ordered to treat white supremacy as the prime threat evidenced by the 2020 election and its aftermath—is that ok with you?

For Mike Pence and Bill Barr, let’s assume the American people give you a pass on everything you’ve said and done up until the point you’ve read Byrne’s book.  But once you have read it (and by Byrne’s account, Mike Pence certainly understood the substance of the election fraud before January 6th but at the last minute was talked out of taking a stand by staffer Marc Short), will you even now stand before the American people and say that you have seen the results of a thorough investigation of 2020 election fraud and can assure the American people that the fraud did not affect the outcome?

If a pang of conscience won’t allow you to say that much, please have the courage and character to then articulate how your conscience works to say that it’s ok to have a US Presidential election manifestly stolen, with the obvious aid of foreign interference, yet with the federal government law enforcement/justice institutions either denying the need to investigate, or worse, simply refusing to investigate…

The sad reality almost certainly is, that Pence’s, Barr’s, and the rest of the ruling class’ formulation of ‘conscience’ is simply their considered judgment that Donald Trump is not one of them; that the American people cannot be allowed to elect someone who is not one of them; and that every other consideration of law and order and moral behavior must be secondary to their considered judgment.

Whatever that is, it’s not conscience.  And it’s putting America on the fast track to destruction.

Let’s hope Byrne’s book can cause a U-turn and a re-awakening to the right idea of conscience—the still, small voice that tells us, whether we like it or not, the clear difference between truth and lies, between right and wrong, and between good and evil.

BONUSES from Byrne’s book:

  • Read carefully Byrne’s analysis of the handling of the covid pandemic as a possible psy-op against the American people. Make your own judgment.
  • Understand the brilliance of his offer to be the ‘huckleberry’—i.e., the right test case—for whether America has formally lost freedom of speech. Because if an American of Byrne’s intelligence and qualifications (not to mention the fact that he’s not a Trump voter) can be directly ‘in the arena’ on the subject of 2020 election fraud, but cannot in 2021 say and write what he said and did and observed during this historic period, then fair-minded, historically knowledgeable Americans know:  America is in very, very deep trouble.