(UPDATED, #7) Keep an Eye on Patrick Byrne’s Chronicle of How Trump Lost His Presidency

(UPDATED, #7) Keep an Eye on Patrick Byrne’s Chronicle of How Trump Lost His Presidency

Mark ‘deepcapture.com‘, and follow along as Patrick Byrne documents in the coming days/weeks a multi-part story of his involvement in analyzing the 2020 election results.

Byrne is a tremendously interesting character, but not an easy target for character assassination or the cancel culture.  He’s straight up libertarian; kind of a math genius; has an undergraduate degree from Dartmouth, a master’s degree from Cambridge University in the UK, and a Ph.D. in philosophy from Stanford; was personally mentored early in life by Warren Buffett; reportedly has been very successful in business; and never was and isn’t now a personal fan of Donald Trump.  An iconoclast of sorts.

Yet his in-depth involvement in support of the FBI and DOJ in relation to the financial collapse of 2008-2009 (and his public opposition to naked short-selling in 2005) led him to ‘engagements’, experiences and perspectives on the so-called Deep State that few Americans have.   He’s very believable, in other words.  And has a very likable and engaging demeanor.

So follow along as he releases his account of November 3rd and its aftermath, which includes, among other things, a 4.5 hour meeting with President Trump on December 23, 2020.  The first installment is here.

UPDATE:  January 26, 2021 – Byrne’s second installment is here.

From Byrne’s second installment:

…there are those who will say coyly, “But how do you know that cheating occurred?” We don’t, fully: what we know is that five cities play a special role in US political science because of their ability to flip five key swing states; those five cities saw bizarre and unprecedented activity on voting night, up to and including the shutting down of vote counting (the water pipes knew just which cities to break in); in each case a huge spike of Biden votes were injected where counting had ceased and observers had been cut out…. Personally, I think it was brazen enough it is an insult to our intelligence to ask us to believe it, but in my view the test is not, “Is there enough sketchy information to be absolutely sure that enough fraud went on it changed the election result?” No, the test is, “Does this smell enough like skunk that we should just open up the boxes with all the paper ballot backups, and recount the whole thing on livestreamed TV? After all, there is a reason the machines were sold to us as always having the paper ballots as a fail-safe: it seems to me that if there were ever a time to use it, now would be that time.” Say it’s a judgement call, but in my view any reasonable person who looks at that preceding constellation of facts will say, “That looks enough like mischief that we need to dig deeper.” And any who look at the preceding constellation of facts and says, “Nope, I don’t spot anything there demanding further examination” is gas-lighting.

Patrick Byrne’s observations are very consistent with our own:  “Don’t be Gaslighted – the Georgia Hearing Landed a KO Punch” and  “Help America AND Joe Biden – Investigate“.

UPDATE #2: January 28, 2021 – Byrne’s third installment is here.

The takeaway from Byrne’s latest will be all about how poorly President Trump was served by Rudy Giuliani, a man who for all his deserved reputation as a tough New York DA/Mayor, was and is basically clueless about technology, and especially so as to technology involved in election fraud.  And the blame for relying on Rudy belongs to Donald Trump.   But the other major takeaway by any objective observer:  Patrick Byrne knows exactly what happened in this massive election fraud of 2020; he’s in the process of spelling it out; and there isn’t going to be anyone up to the task of proving him to be uninformed or unintelligent or not conversant with the subject matter.

UPDATE #3:  January 31, 2021 – Byrne’s fourth installment is here.

There will be no cybersecurity expert ‘debunking’ of what Byrne has published here regarding foreign interference in the November 3rd election.  So, as Byrne helpfully frames it:  “you make the call.”

UPDATE #4:  February 1, 2021 – Byrne’s fifth installment is here.

We wrote a post the day after Christmas titled “Why Sidney Powell Gets the Galileo Treatment” in which we speculated as to three possible reasons why the ruling class refuses to take action to get to the bottom of election fraud:

The third explanation is a variant of Galileo’s experience:  the conclusion that follows from the evidence Sidney Powell has put together is so devastating to Americans’ view of how their country is supposed to be governed that it simply can’t be given voice or visibility.  The truth would shock Americans into a complete loss of faith and trust in their government.  The truth would so rock our world—that we’re all being lied to and manipulated so constantly and in so many ways—that we’ll cease to function in any manner resembling law and order.  Under such circumstances, the ruling class would have determined that Americans ‘can’t handle the truth…so they can’t be allowed to know the truth.

One takeaway from Byrne’s fifth installment is that Pat Cippolone is very close to epitomizing the third explanation described above.  By  Byrne’s account, he apparently just couldn’t handle the implications of what Flynn, Powell and Byrne were presenting; he could not get comfortable that the country could hold together in the face of an election challenge of the type being considered.  And so he and Meadows and others blocked it, and Trump walked away.

Also from Byrne’s fifth installment:

You know, for me this is not really about Trump. But obviously we cannot let a rigged election stand. If we do, it could mean civil war, and even a Chinese take-over of our country. All we need to do is follow this plan, expose what happened in those six counties by checking the ballots. If there is nothing amiss, then Trump gets in his helicopter and leaves, and there’s no civil war. But if we find chicanery, it will give an opportunity to blow this scheme up for the whole nation. Who knows how much fraud there is going to turn out to be in American elections? I think ‘a lot,’ what do you think? 

We wish Trump had followed the advice of Flynn, Powell and Byrne, and we join in their sentiment:  “if there is nothing amiss, then Trump gets in his helicopter and leaves…”.  That’s why an investigation, even now, would be good for America and, if nothing is amiss, for Biden, and even better, why a Supreme Court willing to step up and order a new election would be better for unifying the country than the path it is currently on.

It is the refusal of the ruling class to acknowledge the ‘smell of skunk’ (as Byrne puts it) and investigate impartially that is shocking Americans ‘into a complete loss of faith and trust in their government’.

UPDATE #5 – February 4, 2021 – Byrne’s sixth installment is here.

Byrne’s chronicle is simply must reading for all Americans who care about saving their country.  No one who reads it can claim ignorance of what happened in the November 3rd election and its aftermath, nor will any who read it continue to blindly accept any spin or narrative, pro or con, right or left, that does not account for what Byrne has put on record.  There is a ring of truth to all of it, and sadly, that ring of truth will leave no one with a sense of hopefulness for the state of American government in 2021.

Byrne is fond of quoting Otto von Bismarck:

God has a special providence for fools, drunkards, and the United States of America.

Let’s hope von Bismarck is still accurate; America needs it.

UPDATE #6 – February 8, 2021 – Byrne’s seventh installment is here.

There is no one of even modest intelligence who will read Byrne’s entire story, and remain in the rabid ‘jail for anyone who questions the election results‘ club.   And when you read in Byrne’s latest post excerpts from DNI Joh Ratcliffe’s letter accompanying the delayed DNI report on foreign interference in the election–particularly noting the willful, admittedly politically driven understatement of the extent of China’s interference–and then overlay it with the last 25 minutes of Mike Lindell’s “Absolute Proof”, well, you’ll be face to face with some very stark realities about the swamp component of the US federal government.  Protecting America from the Cyber Pearl Harbor is not on their agenda, at all.  Probably worth asking….why?

The first part of Byrne’s latest post examines questions and multiple pieces of video evidence relating to whether the January 6th Capitol Hill riots were something other than spontaneous outbursts of Trump supporters.  You make the call….

Patrick Byrne is an American hero for speaking truth in the middle of a blizzard of lies.

Update #7 – February 9, 2021 – Byrne’s final installment is here.

As noted above, Byrne was an American hero before his final post.  But the final post seals the honor:  Read “American Hero:  Patrick Byrne