The Cyber Pearl Harbor Has Been Exposed

The Cyber Pearl Harbor Has Been Exposed

Figuratively, put your opinions about the personality of Donald Trump into a big box, close it up, and place the box temporarily out of reach on a figurative shelf.  Whether it is filled with love or hate or ambivalence, just box it up and put it away.

Then, type into your search bar w w w . m i c h a e l j l i n d e l l . c o m, and view for yourself Mike Lindell’s “Absolute Proof”[1].  It might be the most important two hours you could possibly invest for the saving of the country for yourself and future generations.

For more perspective, read for yourself, at d e e p c a p t u r e . c o m, Patrick Byrne’s multi-post story of his involvement in election 2020 and its aftermath.

Then, share this post and these links far and wide.

No American of conscience and integrity who takes these steps will conclude anything other than:  the 2020 election was stolen by a combination of foreign and domestic enemies, and the theft represents as deliberate, direct and warlike attack on the United States of America has as ever been carried out, easily including Pearl Harbor, but with vastly more collateral damage and extremely dark, world-changing implications.


Though FDR was the electoral choice of Americans for President, there were no doubt millions of Americans who disliked him to one degree or another on December 1, 1941.  But it didn’t matter once the Japanese attacked on December 7.  It was time for all Americans who love their country to go all in to fight back.

Similarly, love, hate or ambivalence about Donald Trump is ultimately irrelevant; it is nothing more than a ‘squirrel’ intended to take Americans’ focus off the real issue:  the survival of the American Republic in World War III – the Cyber Version.  It is time once again for all Americans who love their country to go all in to fight back.


There is an ominous feeling many Americans have about this war, because there are so many suggestions that every institution Americans expect to step up to protect them has failed them, whether by negligence, willful disregard of the facts, compromised judgement, or worst of all, complicity.  There is the sense that the ruling class elites would rather rage about the squirrel, rather than come to grips with how their country has been attacked and what the implications of that attack really are in the context of what now claims to be ‘governing’ America.

Mike Lindell’s video—especially the information contained in the last 25 minutes of the video—is going to reach a vast audience no matter how much Big Tech tries to suppress it.  Too many Americans are awake to ways to get around Big Tech censorship to view and read what they want to view and read.  And as the substance of what is exposed spreads around the country, there’s going to be the proverbial ‘come to Jesus’ moment for people like Mike Pence and Bill Barr and Mitch McConnell, and organizations like the Heritage Foundation.

Viewing Lindell’s video offers all of them a chance to say, “OMG, I didn’t know, and now that I know, I will be part of defending this country”; OR they will slink back into bland denials and ‘time to move on’ posturing and other indicia that they are part of the Uniparty Swamp problem and not part of the solution.

Or maybe Bill Barr can step up with “I knew all about this information, and IT experts at the FBI/DOJ deeply investigated and examined it, and it turned out to be completely bogus because ___________”.  We’d be eager to listen to Barr do so with a credible technology-based answer.  But Barr needs to understand that Americans will not accept a fill-in-the-blank non-answer of “…we hate Donald Trump”.  (And the sad reality brought forth in Lindell’s video appears to be that Barr won’t step up with a real answer because he can’t step up with a real answer–because the FBI/DOJ never investigated any of this, during or after Barr’s tenure as AG .)

SCOTUS is going to be on the hot seat especially—because they remain one American institution with power to take at least a step in fixing a stolen election. See “Alternative to Violence:  A Solomonic SCOTUS Steps Up?”—which was written before Patrick Byrne and Mike Lindell brought forth their information.   Byrne and Lindell have made the case for a do-over special election compelling.

But regardless of what the ruling class or SCOTUS does or doesn’t do, we doubt the American people are going to surrender their country now, any more than they were going to surrender it in 1941.  They are not going to be played into violence, but they are not going to cowed into submission either.

Never have there been 75+M American people so clearly awake, and now Lindell has made them even more informed.  What a backdrop for the US Senate to take up the trial of Donald Trump on the theory that he incited riots by claiming the election was rigged.  The Senate better wake up:  by the very act of carrying out the legally abusive circus of impeachment of a man not in office for the offense of saying that a rigged election was a rigged election, the Senate itself may be inciting riots and insurrection.

The “hate Trump” industry will use character assassination against Mike Lindell–“he’s a Christian weirdo and former crack addict!“–and ‘shut up!, he explained‘ against Patrick Byrne, but neither will work.   There is too much evidence and data demanding honest, agenda-free, definitive investigation.   The cyber Pearl Harbor has been exposed, and the attackers are at least generically identified.

Americans are about to see real clarity as to who is going to honestly acknowledge the attack and fight to defend America—and who is not.

[1] Alternate Site: