A Reply to Kurt Schlichter on the Subject of Election Fraud

A Reply to Kurt Schlichter on the Subject of Election Fraud

Kurt Schlichter is a favorite pundit among many conservatives.  He writes with a level of insightful snark and sarcasm that few can match.  But his latest post at Townhall confirms again that he doesn’t quite get the scope and sophistication of the election rigging that has been at work in America since well before 2020.  The result is that his writing talent is wasted in certain directions.

His latest “Stop Dooming” post is very important (and right) in its central message that there can be no surrender, discouragement or depression that can be allowed to take permanent hold in the minds of American patriots determined to restore this country.  The enemy is not invincible.

But on election fraud, here’s the essence of his take:

“Is there going to be some fraud? Yes. But, unlike the nonsense of the nimrods with their kraken promises and kooky accusations, fraud is not about millions and millions of votes suddenly appearing from nowhere and swinging the election. Where fraud plays a part is in very, very tight races in very densely blue areas.”

With due respect, Mr. Schlichter, get yourself familiar with the work of Dr. Douglas Frank.  Dr. Frank is nobody’s nimrod, and math is not nonsense or kooky…it’s just math.  Then read this:  Eric Georgatos | A Twenty-sided Die Tossed 83 times…Proof of Election Rigging (americacanwetalk.org). Then read it again.  And if you still don’t understand it, find somebody smarter than you who does understand it to explain it to you.

Dr. Frank has supplied the proof:  America’s election-rigging problem is systemic and nationwide: elections are centrally controlled, from voter registration to voter turnout.  Voting machines are not necessarily being hacked; they are delivering programmed results.   And those programmed results are not solely for the purpose of delivering wins and losses to selected R’s and D’s and I’s but for delivering victory/defeat margins so as to communicate and condition messages to the electorate and the candidates—i.e., “X district is trending purple, so you better moderate your position on A, B and C”.   It is quite plainly a massively sophisticated and manipulative control-the-people system.

And understand, your perspective as a trial lawyer may tell you—with some beguiling justification—that unless a jury can understand the evidence, then it is not proof.  That’s untrue as a matter of fact, but more importantly, it is an inapt conclusion in the context of understanding and overcoming this national problem.

Whether or not a jury or the average Joe understands Dr. Frank’s data and analysis is irrelevant to the question of whether Dr. Frank has uncovered the truth.  And once this truth is understood, analysis of right remedies to fix the right problem necessarily shifts focus.

The truth uncovered by Dr. Frank just gives concrete back up to what the majority of Americans have intuitively known since November 3rd, 2020: the election was obviously stolen at the point five essential ‘swing-state’ counties all stopped counting votes at the same time, with the same subsequent ‘adjustment’ from solid Trump victory to tight Biden ‘win’.  And this intuitive recognition impels their determination to right this wrong—their ‘primal scream’ reaction on January 6th that Dinesh D’Souza described in 2000 Mules.

Among the 75 million acknowledged Trump voters in 2020, there are no doubt a few—maybe even a few million—who are over the top with some sort of personal fealty to the man.  But the overwhelming majority are simply incensed at what took place and are determined to put Trump back in the White House for the simple reason that he was wrongly and egregiously taken out of it by the determined, coordinated action of a corrupt and dishonest ruling class comprised of Uniparty politicians, Beltway institutions, mainstream media and Big Tech (and of course, 51 ‘intelligence’ ‘officials’).

In this context, debating the pros and cons of multiple GOP presidential candidates for 2024 is a silly exercise.  No one will generate the turnout that Trump will generate in 2024.  He almost certainly won a landslide in 2020 and will likely draw a minimum of 15+ million voters in 2024, including many minorities, who won’t even consider voting if he is not the candidate.  With those 15+ million voters added to the MAGA base, and their likely collective down-ballot preference for more “R’s”, there is a chance for a dominant America First win that the algorithm masters can’t overcome because they simply can’t (and don’t dare to) overcome the objective turnout reality that everyone can see.

Institutionally orchestrated gaslighting has its limits.  Just ask the people of Arizona about their 2022 gubernatorial election.

Kurt Schlichter is right to counsel against doom and gloom.  But his prescription for why and how to fight back will miss the mark unless and until he understands the real election rigging problem.

Eric Georgatos