AG Bill Barr – Is He Even ‘Just Another Guy’?

AG Bill Barr – Is He Even ‘Just Another Guy’?

Bill Barr can go down as the greatest attorney general in the history of our country or he can go down as just another guy. …”

President Donald Trump, August 2020

Bill Barr has been a frustrating enigma for American patriots.  He launched his return to the AG position by openly acknowledging that things looked out of whack at the DOJ in the aftermath of Trump’s election.  He has made speeches that sound like he understands the exceptional nature of America under the Constitution.  He has sounded serious about wanting to get to the bottom of the Russia collusion hoax.  He fairly and appropriately warned prior to the election that mail in ballots for an election in a sharply divided country involved ‘playing with fire’.

But he also openly acknowledged his loyalty to the ‘institution’ that is the Department of Justice, and his desire for another term as AG was to fix it from within.  (That earned him a second confirmation; the ruling class in the US Senate trusted that he was one of them.)

In two major recent decisions, Barr (1) apparently justified sitting on the Hunter Biden laptop out of fealty to the institution’s policy of not wanting to appear ‘political’ during an election year, and (2) now balks at the idea of a special counsel to investigate election fraud (or to impound voting machines), not because there wasn’t fraud in the 2020 election, but because in his view there wasn’t enough of it to change the election result.

Perhaps Barr’s decisions were borne of arrogance and poor judgment rather than actual malice toward Trump, but the end result is the same:  Barr acted affirmatively in ways that jeopardize the very survival of ‘the last best hope of mankind’.  That makes him far worse than just another guy.

Too harsh?

Giving Barr the presumption of acting without malice, his dismissal of 2020 election fraud as not ‘systemic’ and not enough to change the result can only be grounded in an arrogant ruling class judgement that it would be too damaging to the American social fabric to have the DOJ officially questioning the legitimacy of election results.   Which is to say, Barr’s judgment is not and cannot be grounded in the truth and facts of documented, overwhelming systemic and anecdotal election and voter fraud; it’s just another ruling class guy deciding what’s best for the American people to know, which is then wrapped up in legal sophistry to make it appear as if it is an informed judgement about evidence rather than a purely political judgment full of condescension toward the American people.

Barr’s judgment is dead wrong; the reality is the exact opposite:  the American social fabric will not survive the transparently fraudulent ‘installation’ of a President who lost in a landslide, combined with the bland denial of this truth by Barr and other out of touch ruling class elites.  In Peter Navarro’s words, the center of this great union will not hold if Biden’s stolen election is enforced against the will of the American people.  Americans have been lied to by all of their ‘institutions’; they know it; and they are incensed with a righteous fury that will not quickly pass—or maybe ever pass.

Barr’s judgment about sitting on the Hunter Biden laptop contents and their implications as if longstanding DOJ policy is to be hallowed above all else is simply disgraceful.  Facts matter.  Truth matters.  The American people witnessed a sham impeachment of President Trump based on the upside-down notion that Trump’s interest in exposing the Biden family corruption was an impeachable offense…by Trump.

Hunter Biden’s laptop confirms the Biden family corruption and anybody with an ounce of common sense knows this.  To shield this abject corruption from public exposure prior to the election is indefensible—it validated the eligibility of a man for the highest office of this country who is clearly compromised by a mortal enemy of America: the Chinese Communist Party.  That’s not keeping the DOJ out of politics; it’s using the DOJ to decide elections by denying knowledge of the truth to Americans.  All while knowingly putting American national security at risk.  Absolutely indefensible.

Barr’s Catholic faith ought to have reminded him that Pontius Pilate isn’t a good role model—i.e., history is not kind to officials who display a dismissive disregard for truth.  They don’t get to wash their hands of their indifference to ‘what is truth’ and their decisions to let godless mobs govern.  They become historical figures, but not for anything virtuous.

President Trump nailed it back in August—AG Barr had an incredibly significant opportunity to make himself into an American hero.  But at a critical time in American and world history, Barr very visibly failed a great calling to stand for truth.  He stood for the rule of men.  Just another guy, if that.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?