All 50 States May Be in Play – For Trump

All 50 States May Be in Play – For Trump

Election Day turnout for Trump is going to be epic.  And the result may very well be that all 50 states will be in play for a Trump landslide of epic proportions.

In the 2018 midterms, the fix was in for Beto O’Rourke to defeat Senator Ted Cruz through manipulation of early voting tabulation.  But election day turnout swamped the assumptions behind the fraudulent early voting tabulation algorithms, and Cruz pulled out a 2.5% margin of victory.

The little appreciated lesson of 2018 quietly learned by millions of Trump supporters is that the best way to foil this most insidious form of election fraud is to vote on Election Day—and that’s one of the major factors that is going to drive the 2020 election day turnout to record levels.

We think it will be enough to swamp the mail-in ballot fraud, and very probably will turn the big bad wolf of threatened post-election violence and chaos into sound and fury signifying nothing (a topic for another day).

But 50 states?  Really?

Yes, really.

The disconnect between the left-wing media/ruling class elite and everyday Americans has grown beyond the ability of mesmerized MSM pundits and pollsters to recognize, much less measure.  But people with their eyes open can see massive crowds at every Trump rally in every semi-obscure airport in every state he visits (and the crowds typically materialize with less than 48-hours notice of when and where they are taking place).

And now the people can also see, not only the non-existent crowds for Biden and Harris, but the ridiculous non-existent crowds for the supposed Biden-campaign boosting appearances of Barack Obama.

Much like the NBA ratings crash that should not happen if half or more of the country were really aligned with the BLM agenda so hallowed by the NBA, the sparse-to-non-existent crowds for Obama should not happen if half the country were hankering to get out and vote for the oh-so-popular Obama third term (and worse) that Biden represents.

The difference in crowd size is typically acknowledged as an ‘enthusiasm gap’—in part so that leftist pundits can dismiss it as minor in relation to the vast majority of supposedly aloof, dispassionate American voters who are thoughtfully choosing Joe Biden.  But when the difference in crowd size (and boat parades and car parades) is as gigantic and as consistent as it has been, it reflects much more than an enthusiasm gap.

It’s a pro-America vs. anti-America gap, and President Trump has succeeded in rallying more and more everyday Americans into seeing and understanding it.  The 2020 election isn’t about tax policy or environmental policy or immigration policy; it’s about the survival of America as founded against an all-out coordinated attempt at a Marxist/Communist overthrow, aided and abetted by ruling class/Deep State elites who (1) support it (think John Brennan, James Comey); or (2) are too stupefied to recognize it (think Bushes, or maybe Troy Aikman), or (3) are too blinded by jealousy and envy toward Donald Trump to see what’s at stake (think Mitt Romney, John Kasich).

Fortunately for America and the world, there’s no question the overwhelming majority of Americans are and will remain pro-America.  And that’s as true in the states of California, Illinois, Minnesota, New York, Oregon and Washington as it is in Texas.

Of course it will be stretch for Trump to win those blue states—particularly California and New York, which accounted for the entirety of Hillary’s higher popular vote in 2016.  But another important dimension of the chasm-sized disconnect between the MSM/Deep State/ruling class elites and everyday Americans is in the level of discontent regarding the covid lockdown regimes.

The MSM believes ‘Karens’ are reflecting and perpetuating the correct mask-Nazi narrative; the Deep State/ruling class believes Big Tech’s all-out censorship of all covid treatment information other than the edicts of Anthony Fauci is succeeding; and they all hold a rarely stated but firmly accepted assumption as to state electoral politics that ‘once-blue, always-blue’ is somehow an inevitable law.

Wrong on all three.

Just as awake Americans refuse to answer calls from unknown phone numbers (including pollsters), and refuse to publicly acknowledge support for Trump for fear of social scorn (or property damage), they have so far refused to speak too loudly against the anti-freedom dimensions of covid lockdowns.  They’ve so far acquiesced to the ‘be-kind-to-neighbors’ decency argument, but patience has largely run out.  Biden is not offering relief from pandemic lockdowns; he’s into mask mandates and bowing before Fauci.

Simultaneously, despite the censorship of Big Tech, news of covid therapies and less fearful perspectives IS spreading, and the censorship itself is being seen as irrational—except as part of a political agenda that has nothing to do with public health.

The voting booth allows awake Americans to ‘speak loudly’ about their disgust with the fear pandemic without being heard—by voting for Trump.

There are millions of Californians who are restless and hostile to the anti-American, emperor-like behavior of Gavin Newsom and LA Mayor Eric Garcetti.  There are millions of New Yorkers similarly restless and hostile toward Andrew Cuomo.  There are hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans not pleased with Tim Walz (and separately not pleased with what spineless Democrat leadership has allowed to happen happened to the once shining city of Minneapolis).

Anyone who thinks ‘Karens’ represent a majority of Americans in any state is wildly out of touch with this country.


So can the combination of a clear, ‘bold-colors’ campaign choice between pro-America vs. anti-America, plus covid fatigue and disgust, flip blue states into red, and red into redder?

We won’t be surprised if the answer is yes, across the board.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?