Psst…Pass It On:  The Pandemic is Over

Psst…Pass It On:  The Pandemic is Over

No less an American institutional eminence than the Center for Disease Control has given Americans the latest covid lethality data:

CDC: [Covid] Infection Fatality Ratio (Current best estimate)         Survival Rate

0-19 years       0.00003                                                                                      99.997%

20-49 years     0.0002                                                                                        99.98%

50-69 years     0.005                                                                                          99.5%

70+ years        0.054                                                                                            94.6%      

The American people do not need an ‘expert’ to interpret this data.

The data says there is no justification for the fear pandemic and anti-freedom regimen the American people are being subjected to.

Why is anyone under age 50 prevented by any level of American government from doing anything? 

(And by the way, politicians, what percentage of America’s unemployed are under age 49?  In many states, you are taking away their ability to earn a living…for this level of health risk?)

What part of ‘following the science’ justifies any such limitations?

The data says the American people do not need to pay attention to any more MSM scare stories on potentially frightful ‘surging’ or ‘spiking’ or ‘rising’ case counts anywhere.

The data says track and trace apps are a stupid, debilitating, dehumanizing waste of time and money.

The data says suspending the joys and hardships and challenges of life fully lived is not warranted.

The data says the tyrannical straitjackets of social distancing and masks and partial openings need to be removed, NOW.

The data says that throwing billions of dollars at the ‘warp speed’ development of a vaccine for a disease with no less than a 99.5% survivability rate for everyone under age 70 even without a vaccine is an absurd spending decision by government or pharma companies.

And thanks to the efforts of doctors like Richard Bartlett, Daniel Erickson and Simone Gold—and despite the determination of Big Tech to suppress these doctors and their stories, and control the minds of the American people against the values of American freedom—the word is getting out on the availability and efficacy of multiple covid therapies—from inhaled budenoside to hydroxychloroquine—for all existing and future ‘cases’ involving all age groups,.

The relative novelty of an institutionally proclaimed ‘pandemic’ for most Americans living today (and most people around the world) opened them up to being played by those who desire a new global order and have longed gamed a pandemic as a means to get there.

Innocent, gullible Americans figured ‘why would Fauci lie?’…’Why would our government ever mislead as to matters of public health?’  (Just like innocent, gullible Americans bought the global warming fraud for awhile—why would any ‘expert’ lie about something so serious?)

And so the wakeup to the pandemic agenda has been slow.  The ability of the MSM/Deep State to control the public spin of hypothetical fears and apocalyptic scenarios has made them believe there can be no end to their power to make the American people into marionettes—where they pull all the strings.  And they succeeded longer than they should have.

But the gig is up.  Whether you want to view Fauci as on a spectrum starting at ‘sincere but mistaken’ or put him all the way to a ‘dishonest, conniving elitist, leftist monster’—and there is evidence to justify any position on that spectrum—the fact is that the data is drowning out his voice anyway.

Americans will not surrender their country, their freedoms, and their future for a disease that six+ months of data say virtually everyone without ‘co-morbidities’ survives.

The inherent decency of American people may have countenanced the initial deference to the ‘authorities’.  But that decency is born of righteousness—and eventually a righteous people will wake up to being lied to and manipulated, and they will turn on the liars and manipulators, and quickly.

That wake up is underway now.  You won’t know it if your only source of news and information is the MSM or Big Tech.  But the MSM is a sole source for less than 20% of the people; after four years of fake news, it may be less than 10%.  And Big Tech’s outrageous, completely unfounded and bad faith censorship of all covid therapies except a vaccine has been noticed, no matter how much they may tell themselves that nobody knows.

The Japanese once worried about having awakened a sleeping giant after December 7, 1941.  They were right to have been worried.

The Deep State/globalist cabal has never been worried; they figured they had a malleable, mesmerized giant who could not or would not ever awaken once surrounded by manufactured fear and instantaneous mockery of anyone who dared to rebut the fear.  And they thought they had an American President they could play.  They thought this combination was perfect for achieving submission.  They were wrong.  They are worried now, and they should be.  November 3rd is coming, and the second term staffing by Trump will bring new meaning to the concept of accountability for criminal behavior.

The truth has a way of outing itself, and no evil masterminds have ever been able to nullify or neuter this phenomenon.  George Soros isn’t going to be the exception.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has stepped up to this truth-based view of reality and lifted all covid restrictions.  Oklahoma and Tennessee are rumored to be following soon.  Dominos that previously seemed to destined to keep falling in only one way are going to be picked up and flipped to reverse course.  And if Texas Governor Greg Abbott wants to retain any hope whatsoever for future elective office of any kind, he had better wake up soon, part with his pal Fauci, and join this freedom restoration movement asap.

There is as of September 2020 no pandemic justifying any limitations on Americans’ God-given rights to live in freedom.  Open up all of America for all Americans, NOW!

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?

  • D3F1ANT
    Posted at 07:46h, 29 September Reply

    The SHILLS in the media just keep reporting “new cases” but NOTHING about how almost all are asymptomatic, of people who actually get ill most never need a hospital, and the ones who do almost always survive! Well…once Trump gets reelected there will be no need for the MSM to continue to propagate the nonsense. Maybe we can finally admit Covid is now no worse than the flu. In fact the flu is worse than Covid.

    • jerry
      Posted at 10:31h, 29 September Reply

      Don’t forget, these Covid number are with no Vaccine. For the Flu, we actually have a vaccine and still up to 60,000 people a year die.

  • John King
    Posted at 09:35h, 29 September Reply

    Like to see a list of the number of deaths from various illnesses from most deaths from each illness to the least deaths from each illness and where Covid-19 fits into this list. The Covid-19 list should contain just deaths caused by Covid-19, not people who had other previous health issues, then got covid-19 and died from the previous illness.

  • Bruce Pestell
    Posted at 10:14h, 29 September Reply

    The strategy during the 2008 election campaign CNN crawled the IRAQ casualty numbers attempting to pin them on the Republicans. They denied it. The day after the election, the casualty numbers stopped appearing on the screen. I assume the same thing is true of the “cases” and “deaths” due to the “pandemic.

  • Lawrence
    Posted at 10:19h, 29 September Reply

    The pandemic won’t be over until November 4th.

    • Georgio Georgison
      Posted at 17:32h, 29 September Reply

      PLANDEMIC. There. Fixed that for you.

  • M
    Posted at 10:34h, 29 September Reply

    This has been a scam to line the pockets of Fauci and Gates with a forced vaccine and an excuse to use fraudulent mail-in voting.

  • TroyG
    Posted at 15:20h, 29 September Reply

    I’m 71 years old and I have a bad heart; I don’t worry much about this virus why are there so many cowards in this Nation today? My Dad lost family members from typhus, polio, and other disease, there were much fewer people then, and they didn’t hide in their homes. I think the Media around the world are part of a plan to install a Global Government on every country who stand in the way of this plan. The Media are clueless, useful idiots. I don’t believe for a moment that this is about money, it is about a power grab of grand proportion; it needs to stop here in America, because no other Country can stand up to the people planning this. Call me a fool at your peril because much of the World is falling for this hook, line, and sinker. It needs people of courage to stand up and say enough, we will not bend to your scheme. I’m old enough to know a Con when I see one.

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