When Do We Get Our Freedom Back?

When Do We Get Our Freedom Back?

Carlos Zapata of California sounded the keynote in this video; Americans throughout the country need to hear and rally to his message.

Even the most politically apathetic among us are starting to recognize that the scheme of the pandemic enforcers is to build a de facto jail around all Americans, and are starting to ask the question:  who or what is it that decides when we get out of jail?

We must wear a mask.  We must maintain social distancing.  We must quarantine the healthy, and shelter-in-place when ordered.  We must err on the side of closing or limiting the operations of ‘non-essential’ businesses.  We must tiptoe around the proper operation of schools.

  • For how much longer?
  • As determined by whom? Under what authority?
  • For what ‘science’ reasons?

There are no legitimate answers to any of these questions that support the continuation of any pandemic lockdown in any form.

The fifteen-day ‘flatten the curve’ initiative expired March 31.  We are now nearly five months past it.

Recent data in the DFW area shows 35% of Dallas hospital beds are open and available, as well as 34% of ICU beds.  No data anywhere in the US is currently indicating a healthcare capacity crisis.  The flatten the curve purpose was met long ago.

The blatant politicization of medicine for covid treatments has become obvious to anyone even mildly paying attention.  Dr. Harvey Risch, world-renowned Professor of Epidemiology at Yale, has publicly denounced the ‘massive disinformation campaign’ against HCQ, which he says has resulted in thousands of unnecessary deaths.  And yet HCQ continues to this day to show efficacy in treating covid patients (as does budesonide, oleandrin and apparently a plasma enhancement).  But Big Tech continues to take down anything that says so.

Even the NYT suggests evidence of herd immunity to covid and a fading virus are growing around the world.

So what the hell is going on with continued lockdowns and restrictions?

Sadly, only the obtuse or willfully blind do not know what is going on.  Leftist politicians are exploiting pandemic fear to unilaterally and tyrannically control people, and no American institutional protection—via other elected officials, courts, legislatures or police—has been equal to the demand to stand up and insist on the primacy of freedom in America.

These leftists (and a few useful idiots on the right) are exploiting the pandemic (a) because they can, (b) because they think the weakened economy that necessarily follows in the wake of extended lockdowns works against President Trump’s re-election prospects, and (c) because at the very top of the elitist left are many who see the pandemic as the means to achieve a new world order whereby ‘global health authorities’ mandate vaccines, control travels worldwide and otherwise define and delimit individual freedom to work and play without regard to the sovereignty of any nation or people.  And along the way, big business—a/k/a Amazon, Walmart, Target—has the staying power to assure that they will get bigger during the lockdowns, while the small business lifeblood of freedom and free markets (and a thriving middle class) is strangled, in full accord with the globalists’ view of what is best for themselves and for humanity (and Wall Street).

It’s that simple, that extreme, and that antithetical to freedom.

This ‘covid supremacist’ tyranny needs to be stopped, overthrown, and forever buried, right now, and everywhere—starting emphatically in the United States of America.

But with the lonely exceptions of President Trump, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem and maybe Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, America has been bereft of visible public leadership calling or even hinting ‘BS’ on politicized medicine and every lockdown concept enabled by it.

Big Tech and the MSM are nothing but propaganda disseminators for the left; they have abandoned anything resembling a conscience that would favor helping sick people by whatever means reputable American doctors are proving to be possible.

And so…a national “All Lockdowns Are Over Day” needs to be declared and enforced by the American people (how about September 1st?).  Blue state governors need to be faced with open rebellion—with the untenable prospect of having to arrest everyone in order to be made to understand that in America, their petty tyrant, dictatorial, unconstitutional edicts actually have no power over anyone.


Back to Carlos Zapata.  Remember that name.  History may someday understand him to be a modern-day Paul Revere or Patrick Henry.  He’s not an Ivy League-credentialed philosopher.  He’s not a pundit.  He doesn’t appear to have any interest in holding public office.  But boy, is he ever a classic American patriot who doesn’t need a philosopher or pundit to explain America to him.  He already knows what it means to be an American; it’s written on his heart.  And he doesn’t need to be a doctor to have common sense.

Zapata isn’t even remotely alone; he’s apparently just the first to get ‘it’ off his chest in a public setting.  There are millions of Americans just like him for whom the boiling point has already been reached, or is being reached and passed every day this nonsense continues.

Freedom in America is derived from self-evident truths proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence.  Neither freedom nor truth are going to be destroyed; they are eternal, enduring and will always be triumphant.  The only questions, as always, are:  how long before we see that triumph, and what price will society have to pay before realizing it?

More than a few lessons of American and human history teach that the first step to defeating evil is to identify and face it.  Lies and liars fall quickly when confronted fearlessly.

The time for American to fearlessly confront and denounce any continued pandemic limitations on freedom is NOW.  The fearful can stay home—a new form of summer soldier and sunshine patriot.  The future of freedom belongs to those to stand up and fight for it.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?